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  1. @Justn: > That should not happen with this tutorial… In modenumerations (client&server) find " ' Equipment used by Players" make sure those match also.could u post them so I can try to help I have never had that problem with this tutorial oh ive tried that but its the same and when im unequiping it it says inventory full ill give my file when i get home
  2. well first everyone knows that everything is blt in picscreen is it possible and how to make it blt in the form???
  3. it bothers me how can i have a permanent area for a specific equipment cause i tried you tut and the equipment acts like inventory items is there any fix in this
  4. does anything such as alatar's quest system work here???
  5. Game Name: Chronicles of the World: Age of Empire Game Type: 2d tactical mmorpg Storyline: The story is a little bit theoretical i came about these themes and things while playing lots and lots of FF games and square enix related games ( star ocean.valkyrie profile) + its a game series with storylines and such so here it goes ones there in a certain universe where different dimension/worlds connected via portal known as rifts lies a world known as Ieo (pronounced like letter E and O). (fact: Ieo is the most advanced world in this universe). In these wolrd lies an energy called MANA it was known as the fundament of all elements and power. As year go by the Ieoans learned to harness its power and used it for their everyday lives (fact: the art of using mana is called sigmatry or magicks) but it was a matter of time before others became eager to rule the world and all of its power thus a war erupted(fact: this will be a part of the game history it was called War of the Swords)(Fact2: if the 1st part is succesfull this war will be the next story line ) but the people manage to make a peaceful contract even though the whole world was divided into 4 kindom and in the current time a dark force is still planning to relive the war thus they aim to unlock a demon god( will be explained through the story) to their side. Now play as Lancre(same as lancer) a descendant to the Guardians to stop these from happening and reveil the secret of the past Game features and plans: (im using eo3 nightly release) basic things -movable gui -larger piscreen -etc and with more helps i would like to create and add more but i really want these cuz it is needed for my game ( individual dungeon system ) (party/tactical system) How far had i got: a program some easy parts and some basic things but im still working on the individual and tactical system but i almost got it so just need more and improvement Information about me: my gaming name is Gran,im 15 i often use a computer cuz im still studying on weekdays so sat. is my free time, im filipino , honestly my friend and i was just hoping to turn this project game into an anime but gaming is more fun ( plus i cant really draw ) im great at science and math ( thus, theoratical part of the game) i studied some programing basics ( i still need a tutor ) and you can contact me via FB heres my email [email protected] my pic is a black fairy tail logo that all sorry i cant hire anyone with money cuz i lack of it so i was hoping for free workers ( if i happen to make a cash system or earn anything from this game they will get a part of the earnings) BTW: IM MALE
  6. well im planing to make a 2d side-scroller story based mmorpg Chronicles of the World: Age of Empire its story is a little more of theoretical type, cuz it happens in different worlds and eras ( thus age of empire) it goes like an energy called mana an energy that can transform to any elements ( wind,fire,water,etc) when people discovered this energy they became greedy ( because of power,ruler of anything ) so battles in different worlds to gain power over their world using these mana energy and others would even awaken the wrongs of the past ( will be explained ) –------------------------------------------ so thats its intro and well its a story of different worlds so thats a sample of the storyline and if you know how could i make that players will only see their own dungeon( so if you played games with individual dungeons, like those ) so will you join my team???
  7. well ive tried this method (edit some part in the convo tut) follow this step for example like this find the send chat sub add another index ( the case for events ) and add this line of code on that case ( replace the attacker and npcnum below ) Call CheckTasks(attacker, QUEST_TYPE_GOTALK, npcNum) Call CheckTasks(attacker, QUEST_TYPE_GOGIVE, npcNum) Call CheckTasks(attacker, QUEST_TYPE_GOGET, npcNum) If NPC(npcNum).Quest = YES Then If Player(attacker).PlayerQuest(NPC(npcNum).Quest).Status = QUEST_COMPLETED Then If Quest(NPC(npcNum).Quest).Repeat = YES Then Player(attacker).PlayerQuest(NPC(npcNum).Quest).Status = QUEST_COMPLETED_BUT Exit Function End If End If If CanStartQuest(attacker, NPC(npcNum).QuestNum) Then 'if can start show the request message (speech1) QuestMessage attacker, NPC(npcNum).QuestNum, Trim$(Quest(NPC(npcNum).QuestNum).Speech(1)), NPC(npcNum).QuestNum Exit Function End If If QuestInProgress(attacker, NPC(npcNum).QuestNum) Then 'if the quest is in progress show the meanwhile message (speech2) QuestMessage attacker, NPC(npcNum).QuestNum, Trim$(Quest(NPC(npcNum).QuestNum).Speech(2)), 0 Exit Function End If End If End If after that on client just add another name on the event list ( on the conv editor ) PS you will need quest and conv system here
  8. well first its in EO 2nd i dont need to render it i just want that the options arent labels but instead in list format in the source
  9. @Meteor: > He's asking for a link to a tutorial which explains how gettickcount works. you got that right also about scripting?
  10. link for scripting tuts how to use gettickcount ( example a loading bar )
  11. well this isnt kinda a tutorial but what the heck first : make a picbox that hides the menu buttons ( login,register,credits and exit btn ) make it visible 2nd : make another picbox and inside put a lable ( server names ) 3rd : declare two ( or more ) const variable each one containing IP adresses 4th : find the src code telling that ur ip is = to ? then change ? to the IP const 5th : the labels add this code public const ( ip name ) = ( ip adress ) 6th : put those codes in the lbl_click event is this enough???
  12. how can i make it that the options on the convo system appears in a list instead by label and on that list are the available choices and has automatical option to quit chat need source code please
  13. Yeah your right :embarrassed: but still can join my team?
  14. well your right but i dont plan to continue it to the max but im planing that if this became a sucess others could see my potential so i can recruit many more members and launch many more project and if those became sucessful im sure to get income to share to those who help me because i need inspiration
  15. i looking for people who can help me probably a co-programmer i've study code programming even im just 14 im looking for those people that want to try their skill or need help anyway even a copy-paste source editor would be nice someone that has bright ideas as me sorry i cant pay but if my plans work out ill probably share you my fortune( if i make some) it would also be nice if were the same age cuz old people are to serious some who likes to have fun doesnt need to be a expert lets just help each other out BTW im a filipino that means im from Philippenis i was planning a game called pokemon frontier ( still on progress ) so if anyone would like heres my fb acc. [email protected] my pic is a black fairy tail logo as luffy say i want to have a crew to want to fulfill their dreams so lets help each other out thank you if anybody applies BTW im a boy but im taking game sugestions so please contact me
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