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  1. Lol, i remember hearing that an alpha or beta would take place in the first half a summer…some time ago :P
  2. Pretty good job dude. Only thing I notice that you might want to change is to remove one of those crossed planks on the bridge, being so close it looks repeated or redundant. :P
  3. Not sure if you can, but could you get someone to host the KS for you and then send you the money? Sorry never really looked into KS or indiegogo
  4. If the ring idea doesnt work you could add a vial shape or a smaller circle to the other side and Havana mana in there, it would resemble a mana pot of sorts. Anyways best of luck chief.
  5. luriok

    Desert RPG

    Looks really good, but I'd like to point out you used a kind of outline for everything except the bow, just thought I'd point that out to. I'm not sure if you wanted it like that.
  6. Wtf is all I can say after that. That was all for playing computer games? Well then I'm sure everyone here would be fucked in that case. I'm very glad that guy is my dad.
  7. Is this like a pacman kind of game? Lol
  8. Looks pretty nice. good job.
  9. I never said anything was good or bad about it :P
  10. @tehDoug, all you did was take you starting area from you game remove the building and add a cliff to the two top corners of the map.
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