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  1. luriok


    I got a PS4 and some cash, but PSN has been down all day so it kinda sucks lol.
  2. luriok


    I agree that one contest at a time would be a better idea. I think you should have them on a rotating schedule, like programming then art or music or whatever. Plus if you put the game making one towards the end of the rotation it would probably get more entries as people would try to incorporate their entries from the other contests into that game.
  3. > Redstone? Will you be able to do complex things with the wiring like you can do with redstone? This is a rip off of redstone, but worse than the mc one :P
  4. I like Elandor Chronicles the most. Tales of a new world reminds me of Brave new world :P but it also gives me a more generic feeling though it does sound like it would have more of a story line than the others. Emberstorm definitely sound like a fantasy game though I also draw the connection to fire not necessarily a storm of embers, but I feel like something major has happened or will happen that has to do with fire and shapes the game. Elandor Chronicles fits the game rather nicely as the land is called Elandor, and if it is to be released in segments, the Chronicles part fits nicely as it suggests multiple and not just one. It still has that fantasy vibe to it, so I feel this is the best bet.
  5. > Good work, but looking a bit pale (twilight?) nope it's Peter Parker. :P
  6. So with the shoutbox now gone forever… yes forever. we need a new substitute for it. In this thread you can post anything you want and treat it like the shout box. Let me start. Amish and jc are so pathetic they had to take down the shoutbox to control their members. That wouldn't happen if they were decent staff or stole from members. Or ban the member they just stole from.
  7. For those of us that don't know of your skill, can you post some previous examples of your work?
  8. Looks really good Rory, Keep it up man!
  9. > what software do you use on tileset or graphics? Photoshop, you can see in the screenshot he showed earlier.
  10. I'll be your best friend… what could be better than that? No one else has yet to offer that.
  11. luriok

    PS4 Info

    > \ > > Will a guy be dancing around when I start up my PS4? btw Nice Song. Name please. Drop it like it's hot….
  12. luriok

    The Tudors 18+

    Intended to be released in late July, the exact date has yet to be specified.
  13. luriok

    The Tudors 18+

    Truly AMAZING announcement. They say it going to be a 360 exclusive, but I heard some rumors about a PC reveal tomorrow. We shall see. #TheTudors #TEAMmaketudorpoop
  14. Well Xbox One WILL have self-publishing: [http://www.reddit.com/r/gamedev/comments/1favgx/microsoft_says_were_going_to_have_an_independent/](http://www.reddit.com/r/gamedev/comments/1favgx/microsoft_says_were_going_to_have_an_independent/) One flaw done, several to go.
  15. Honestly E3 can't come sooner, I'm waiting for so many things. They've got the Xbox and Sony presentations, then they is an Alienware one which I find quite interesting. I've seen reports that Valve is not going to be at E3 this year which I hope is not true but there is a picture of an email from them. And SEGA is also releasing something called the Spectrum. Out of all of these though, I'm looking forward to the Xbox presentation because they get to truly focus on games now, and at what better time then E3, where all of the games get to be tested? Hopefully they can solidify most of these rumors to be true or not and if not tell us how it will be.
  16. Like Bud said, most of it is not set in stone yet. As for the headsets, while that does suck, but I'm sure a form of adapter will be made. As for the resale of games you pay a fee to the DEVELOPER of the game not to Microsoft. So your "license" that you're paying for is to make up for not having bought the game from the developers. Microsoft has stated that the full price is not the fee as it would make no sense to buy a used game for the price of a new one. Backwards compatibility has been addressed and is understandable (according to us on eclipse) @Marshy Dearest Oh how long do you think it will be before Jtagging and Flashing are brought to the next gen? ![:P](http://www.touchofdeathforums.com/community/public/style_emoticons//tongue.png)
  17. > Would be pretty risky to jump into the console game at this point. Specially being a 4th console. Would definitely be cool to see though. Another option is always nice, as long as it doesnt mean the end of sega. Yea. Although the Steam Box is also coming out soon, and that is sounding very promising.
  18. Yea I'm very doubtful of a new console, but the mystery and hype for an E3 presentation means it could be anything. And that very true about the mistakes. Little funny story about an unreleased SEGA console for those interested: [http://creepypasta.wikia.com/wiki/Sega_Legacy:_The_Unreleased_Console](http://creepypasta.wikia.com/wiki/Sega_Legacy:_The_Unreleased_Console)
  19. I'm sorry but I just had to post this: [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TMYso30L9zI[/media]
  20. [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=4s_cZLAnuSs[/media] Is Sega about to blow our minds at this up coming E3 in June? Are they about to bring new life to a video game industry that desperately needs something new and innovative? According to a few rumors that have been circulating around the web recently, it seems as if Sega is about to jump back into the ring and contend yet again with another console. Link to the article: [http://sega-addicts….ic.com/?p=37890](http://sega-addicts.murnaumusic.com/?p=37890) Quote from [http://www.superpolypixel.com/rumor-sega-spectrum-next-console-from-sega/](http://www.superpolypixel.com/rumor-sega-spectrum-next-console-from-sega/) > Sources around the net have stated the text above Spectrum logo translates to ”A new world of entertainment.” > > Members of the NeoGAF forums are pretty much speculating everything from a brand new console to simply a new digital distribution platform, similar to the “Sega Ages” moniker used for their digitized vintage games platform. It could also be the announcement of a new arcade board, similar to their Naomi, Lindbergh or Ring-edge boards. > > If that is the case then why be cryptic? Why announce it at E3? Maybe it’s the announcement of a new mobile platform? > > There’s even a rumor it’s a tablet complete with rumored specs over at Model 4. > > Sega Spectrum rumored specs: > > Hex Core Z80.c1 > > 4096bytes system RAM > > PowerVR tessellation/ray-tracing/physics SoC w/ 16mb Compact Flash RAM (codename: Speccy) > > YAMAHA 8channel DSP > > 2X Tape Loader w/ 2s buffer (proprietary) > > Dual Sega Activator 2.1 Control built-in > > (though I’m pretty sure these tablet specs are just a mean joke.. 4K of ram? hint the :dual Sega activator 2.1 control gives it away) > > None of these seem really worthy of such buzz or a huge E3 announcement. Even others on the forums have pointed out that the SEGA logo in the image is indeed Sega of America and not Sega of Japan, suggesting something isn’t adding up. I still feel all the other options of what it can be should not warrant such buzz. But then again, maybe that’s just bias and wishful thinking. I have been an avid Sega fan since the master system. While I did get burnt out on their endless add-ons, I fell in love with the Dreamcast, The games were almost always sharp and crisp and running at 60fps. I still remember playing Soul Calibur on my Dreamcast using a VGA adapter. My god, it was eye tearing beauty unseen from any other system of that time. So if this means what I hopefully think it means, I welcome them back with open arms, warts and all. Thoughts?
  21. luriok

    Updated Tiles.

    > ![](http://puu.sh/328te.png) I believe those are bridges and there's a gap below right? I looks like a bridge hanging along a cliff. It is extremely flat. As for the cliffs, the farther something is the darker it should be, so the bottom of the cliff should be much dark than the top not the exact same.
  22. luriok


    > It's a banner that is not alpha. Alpha banners are GENETICALLY SUPERIOR! Could be worse, could be Gamma or Delta
  23. Well Sony did the same thing they were doing with the 360; adding apps such as hulu and netflix to make it more of an entertainment center. I simply think that Sony up'ed what they were doing on the PS3, but not enough to be a truly new feature the way Xbox up'ed theirs. As for exclusives I believe Sony has more, but Xbox has better ones. In terms of service that is really an opinion (more so than everything else being stated here) as to which is better, personally I've never had any trouble or problems with Live. Sure I have to pay $5 for online a month, in return I get all DLCs before the other consoles; personally I'm ok with that, Live isn't that bad. Oh and up until this year, I used to $12 a year for Live, they always had that weekend where you could buy Live for a month for $1, and the next month that weekend would come up right as my Live was expiring.
  24. > Just take a look at this comparison of the hardware difference: > > [http://i.imgur.com/n2HoTLx.png](http://i.imgur.com/n2HoTLx.png) An you say I'm the funny one? LOL. The playstation has always been better in terms of hardware. (when release the same year) 360 vs. PS3: [http://crystalunicorn.files.wordpress.com/2008/10/playstation-3-vs-xbox-360.jpg](http://crystalunicorn.files.wordpress.com/2008/10/playstation-3-vs-xbox-360.jpg) Of course the Xbox had better specs than the PS2, but it was also released a year later so of course (couldn't find an image of spec comparison) So to say that the PS4 is going to be better simply basing that judgment on hardware specs is pretty invalid. It could be, but at the same time it could be like this past generation where the one with better specs turned out not to be the best. (As you stated "Xbox 360 was better than the PS3") Of course you said in terms of games, but when released that's the only thing the were aiming at. While time went on they made updates adding hulu or netflix and other apps as it started to appeal to the audience. @Viper, I read that the Wii-U only sold 3.45 million units as of… I want to say marsh, which was a HUGE disappointment as stated by the CEO of Nitendo. I do have some friends that went out to get it and were extremely disappointed by it, so I'd advise not getting it. With regards to the Gamerscore that will simply be transferred over, I'd assume. I have Xbox Original games on my game history (because I played them on my 360) but they don't have any achievements for them. That should be relatively simple to handle. As for the backwards compatibility, I am extremely upset by this, but I think it may also have to do with the switch from HD-DVD to Blu-ray disc readers.
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