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  1. I got a free copy of Rift from a buddy of mine. IMO its better than wow.
  2. Jumbofile Always wanted to play dota
  3. Jumbofile

    Last Meal

    2 2 liter bottles of dr pepper and diet coke 3 gallons of water 20 piece mc nugget large pizza from dominoes buffalo chicken from checkers 1 Doritos locos tacos from taco bell *no lettuce 1 volcano taco from taco bell *lettuce huge bowl of nachos gallon of milk buffalo chicken super melt from friendlys quesadilla my mom makes the sandwich my mom makes for me for lunch buffalo chicken my parents make a Shirley temple chocolate cake Bacon chocolate covered twinkie cheeze-itz potato chips and a whoppie pie with pudding on the side
  4. add a tutorial for eclipse 3.0! This looks incredible
  5. add a semi transparent chat box Edit* Wow that sounded rude…sorry ![:)](http://www.touchofdeathforums.com/community/public/style_emoticons//smile.png)
  6. Looks like samugames is making a 3d mmo. I hope it goes well for them http://realmcrafter.com/private/viewtopic.php?t=35981
  7. A simple way is to have many servers. Another option is to get sfs to work with eclipse( not sure if it can though)
  8. Jumbofile


  9. One of the best programmers i have ever worked with!
  10. [http://freemmorpgmaker.com/uploadfiles/63e567feb4c76249fc98ce18301c8bef.png](http://freemmorpgmaker.com/uploadfiles/63e567feb4c76249fc98ce18301c8bef.png) ![](http://freemmorpgmaker.com/uploadfiles/63e567feb4c76249fc98ce18301c8bef.png) logo off to the side [http://freemmorpgmaker.com/uploadfiles/24b0cf5570f8203903eaab7a2da9293a.png](http://freemmorpgmaker.com/uploadfiles/24b0cf5570f8203903eaab7a2da9293a.png) ![](http://freemmorpgmaker.com/uploadfiles/24b0cf5570f8203903eaab7a2da9293a.png) Logo in the middle I personally like the one off to the side.
  11. [http://freemmorpgmak…36fe25fc39f.png](http://freemmorpgmaker.com/uploadfiles/11a3201b2b43cd33a98be36fe25fc39f.png) ![](http://freemmorpgmaker.com/uploadfiles/11a3201b2b43cd33a98be36fe25fc39f.png)
  12. I currently play wow but i want to know if rift is a better game.
  13. Races would be more complicated they way I imagined it. Each races has a different set of classes and each start in different locations.
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