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Pokemon engine


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server password is hardcore you can change it in the source


Lets see some pokemon fan games





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hombres te lo agradeceria Mucho yo tengo programador ONU Que Lo Puede del Arreglar Pero pasame la fuentey EL hombres porfavor Completo


men si lo subes me lo envias mi facebook te lo dejo

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ok soo engine is very very buggy i cant even start it

it use eclipse stable   errors  all the time >.<  i dont suggest anyone using it :P

i removed sound from folder it took around 300 mb+

so i could upload it faster 

enjoy !


also it seams it dont have turn based system in it so  it is not complited poke engine :P
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> Wow this looks really cool. Definitely going to give it a dl and play around with it.

I downloaded this and got the Client working. The server doesn't wanna work properly, I go to launch the server and get a Active X Error, It stops over the Scripts. I know this is something dealing with the scripts cause I took the script folder out to test if thats the issue and it didn't show the active x error but it said it can't run the scripts. I don't know why it won't load. All .OCX and DLLs are properly install, But I can't install this file. COMSocketServer.dll & MSCOMCTL.ocx idk if thats a big deal or not but can you help me get the server running?
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