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  1. Instead of closing the client like you normally do, try closing it via VB6 (Press the stop debugging button) See if that works. This happened to me sometimes, and I just closed the client through vb6 and that worked for me.
  2. I haven't used project Vertigo in a long while so I wouldn't really know lol. Hopefully someone in here knows :P
  3. Also be sure to change modConstants in both the client and server source. That should work. I'll mark this as the correct answer but if ya need more help, feel free to reply to this thread :D
  4. beside the last parameter, try putting a ``` , ``` and see if you have to insert anything else on there. Or try inserting ``` DrawPaperdoll index, x, y, item(GetPlayerEquipment(index, PaperdollOrder(i))).paperdoll, anim, spritetop ``` sometimes removing ```call``` and the brackets work for me
  5. You have been working really hard on this and it looks really good! Will really benefit the eclipse engines here. Thanks for this amazing tutorial @Mohenjo-Daro
  6. What OS do you have, the newer versions of android does have a hard time installing the runtimes. :P
  7. Hi Darkmg, To create guilds, like Daro said in shoutbox, just use the /guild help command -moved topic to QnA
  8. This topic is very old, you should make a new topic, but I'll still help you out. You need to download the eclipse runtimes from the download page
  9. Which engine are you using? I would say you have to edit the fonts, but since you said that it's translated in game. but not the chat, Then you would have to change the font for the chat through the source, Pretty sure it's just changing the name of the font being used
  10. It's on the download page. You need to download the runtimes in order to run the engine. https://www.eclipseorigins.com/downloads
  11. Ahh, that is true. Good luck on ER, hope to see some more progress :)
  12. I could see an eclipse survival game made with those additions :D Great work Daro! Considered having custom vitals like hunger,thirst,oxygen etc?
  13. SolidLink

    A New Engine: Atlas

    Hey, nope Lunar Mirage and Atlas is completely different :D
  14. nice intersect mod there pal u owe me $100 a ball
  15. SolidLink

    A New Engine: Atlas

    Most of the updates are a secret, Progress is good so far
  16. reminds me of VSCode's UI, but it looks great!
  17. Good job Sunku, I appreciate you making this as most people don't like to when learning a lang. I like it! Keep doing more, you'll be really good
  18. You're code looks simple and easy to understand, your screenshot also looks nice. I really like the character design. Keep it up!
  19. Looks good chief, I'm hyped for the screenshots promised
  20. Looks good chief. Really like the progress on this, can't wait to see more :)
  21. Great post Chief, Really looking forward to the progress on this engine!
  22. There isn't an official housing system yet but making it with events is possible
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