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New RPG Maker


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I have no idea where should I post this, since everything is about…Eclipse.
So, I'm posting it here.

**Why ?**
Because people should know, if they didn't find out already.

The new RPG Maker is called RPG Maker MV, they got rid of Ruby and came with JS, now you will be able to make rpgs for all platforms, mobile versions, etc.

**What's New ?**

- Database for items, spells and such went from 999 to 2000.
- You can make games for mobile phones, mac, etc.
- Side view battle. [Can be switched of course and modified through scripting - JS]
- New Sprites [new style]
- New Tiles [content in general]
- New Character Creator 
- Sprites and Tiles now use 48x48 instead of 32x32, though you can switch back.
- More Mapping Options
- Smoother animations when walking on the map.

And a lot more.

You won't be able to port projects and scripts to MV since it uses JS instead of Ruby.

**Said to be released** [global maybe, not just in japan] **somewhere this Winter.**
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I seen it advertised on rpgmakerweb.com. Looks pretty good, the fact that they got rid of Ruby almost makes me want it. Ruby was never an issue for me, it was just not really my style.
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