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  1. @Jaxx: > I'm not mad, just trying to get my point across Don't try too hard
  2. @Jaxx: > This is not currently a public ammo as I think Me Gusta has already said, and I would like to ask, what have YOU done for this community? I don't get paid for this, I do it for the community of eclipse. I would appreciate it greatly if everyone would stop badgering me to make my own stuff either in personal messages or on this very topic. I appreciate the ideas though! > Jaxx don't get mad ,i don't care about this community ,they don't care about me , it was just an idea.
  3. @Me: > not ammo i think Erwin have that system on his game ,not sure if he posted a tutorial for it.
  4. @Jaxx: > I'm working on a ammo system or projectiles, plus a bunch of other stuff There already is such a system , make something original
  5. i hope there will be other features than those posted on forum
  6. @Zopto: > dungeon? Why you call it dungeon,it can be anything as a map. Map types in EO (well this is the moral) :Safe,None But you can add a new type called Instance When a player wants to enter an instance it can do it solo or with his party,at the end when the boss is killed that map is destroyed. Players cannot meet in a instanced map if they are not in a party. Each player can enter in a copy of the original map. thats why is an instanced map. That would be pretty entertaning for players.
  7. Instanced maps option would be awesome. What i mean? A new type of map ,where a player can enter solo or with his party to clear all monsters and kill the boss.
  8. That's very cool,but an interesting idea/feature to that would be that when you walk trough that Tile again you change back to Normal sprite. Why ? I just think of Swimming Example : Normal Sprite ![](http://s18.postimage.org/u8gkvb16d/water2.png) and When you walk to that Tile in my case of what i'm thinking (water) you change to this: Swimming Sprite ![](http://s13.postimage.org/7hdxs518j/water.png)
  9. Nevermind guys i did everything correct,but still don't connect. I use now my Modem so i don't need to port forward,ohh well i'm tired of thinking what is wrong on router Maybe you wonder why i didn't do that at the first, hmm well i'm upstairs and my modem is downstairs ,so better i stay in bed when im home tired after work Thank you all for everything
  10. here is a new screenshot ![](http://s14.postimage.org/96hf8mwzl/hmmm.png)
  11. everything is correct the IP in config.ini the port 4001 both on server and client, the internal IP is correct on router port forward and the port too, and it says my port is ONLINE, and my firewall OFF, still don't know what i did wrong or what's wrong
  12. i turned off the firewall and everything related wich can block connections but doesnt work:( im using windows 7 on this laptop And yes that's and old screenshot,i changed ports to check if it doesn't matter
  13. Port 4001 is open on 79.1xx.xx.xx. yes it's OPEN :(
  14. can you see the screenshot? it's what i did, i checked if my ip port is up and says its Online,then should work, but it doesn't i cant connect to game
  15. Hello there ^_^ I got a new router and i have a problem with portforwarding,on my old router all worked and people connected to my game, but this new one seems to do not such a great job. (My old one is broken) So i entered in admin panel on router Here is a screenshot ![](http://s16.postimage.org/ks9lr0ccl/cant.png) But it does not work i tried with Dyn Dns too but no luck:( People cant connect :( Any sugestions? And please dont say "use hamachi" And i checked here on this website if my server is online or offline and says its ONLINE 0_0 but cannot connect
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