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  1. Do you even vape, bro? You need to chill
  2. Finally a nice game!
  3. If you aim the be an artist, then you better learn to draw ANYTHING, not just anime characters, real world can be a pain in the ass. Though, very nice drawing, keep them coming.
  4. You're saying Link ain't the problem, but Link is the one who gave the power to those you mentioned to be the problem and still letting them have the power. Also, I'm not suggesting him to f*ck off, I suggest to change his way of thinking, for sure it ain't easy to own Eclipse and make it work, but at least we should be free. Free in the sense of chill the heck out, my post got deleted without a warning and without any PM of why it was deleted like I asked so many times in the past. My message was: "what is facebook and what is a youtube, never heard of them", it was a joke, obviously, the guy posted to follow him on facebook and youtube. Now here is the problem, a Moderator decided that the guy will take that as an insult, and that's just plain stupid, why moderators are allowed to decide for people, maybe the guy was about to respond with a "ha ha" or with another joke. Let the people decide for themselves if what anyone posts is an insult or not, except the obvious posts that are agressive and counts as an insult. Also, let the OP decide if someone's post doesn't really contribute, since there could be many off topic posts either by the OP either by other users, by asking a mod to edit the post and leaving instead a message like this: "Removed - at request of the OP" or "Removed - since it was breaking the rule X and Y, please read the Rules again here, and refrain in the future from breaking them"
  5. Chill out, it was just a damn joke. Interesting how you only see my "negative" posts, and the positive ones where either I help either I just say something to encourage someone, you ignore them, or maybe even those you think are negative. It's not the community that is wrong, or the situation of the eclipse atm, it's You, you never knew how to do "jackshit" but to make apology threads and say everything will get better when obviously everything got worse. You can ban me if you want, it's your choice, let's see how well you start something new by doing that, it's not like many people care about me here anyway, but I'm sure they won't stand beside your ass when you're talking big about positive changes while you make negative moves.
  6. what is facebook or a youtube? Never heard of them…
  7. Eclipse Free Online Drama Maker should be the new name, since you don't have an engine, neither a good idea what this place to be about to keep people and bring people, other than DRAMA
  8. @Miharukun Instead broadcasting and players PM-ing you, you'd better implement a pop-up system message with a text, a button, and a timer. _Appearing on screen_ **Joe** x **Helen** wedding ceremony begins in 3 minutes **[Attend]** **[Dismiss]** If you click Attend, then in 3 minutes you will be Teleported to the Ceremony map. If you click Dismiss, the message will disappear. If you ignore the message, it will auto dismiss in 3 minutes. Ceremony maps should be Instanced, because there will be some situations like 2 or more weddings starting at the same time. This way, players won't be forced to PM the GM or whatever, they will simply choose what they want, attend or continue whatever.
  9. You could've posted the image with the changes, at least the url something like, if you don't know how it looks click **here** And yeah, I have to agree it does look like a football team logo.
  10. Looks very good, I'd play it.
  11. Right Click on the image -> Copy image adress or Copy Image Location, depends on what browser you're using.
  12. Here you go ![](http://i.imgur.com/rJDnwOG.png) Here is a screenshot how you should do it. ![](http://i.imgur.com/g9G6Pm7.png)
  13. You can add pictures by uploading them, here is where you can [www.imgur.com](www.imgur.com) Copy the url of the image and post it like this ![](Image url) As for videos, if you have them on youtube, just copy the url and post it like this [please someone correct me if I'm wrong] YT Video URL
  14. I still don't understand why you insist keeping it secret, you would have better chances finding people to work with if you would post at least some details about your project, more than that it will take 7 months or so. I've been warned by an Admin, for being rude, I honestly have no intention of being rude, only honest, I am sorry if I offended you in any way, but I am just suggesting you a better approach. You've finally been honest with yourself and us, when you said it's a group of friends trying to make something, wich was exactly my post that has been deleted. It's better to be honest with people, pretending to be something that you're not when trying to get some real work, is a very bad idea. Post a few details about the projects, some important ones. Tell us about your friends first, what they can do, and what do you expect to find here. Try posting some available and most wanted "job positions" that you hope to be able to fill here with people. I am expecting more from a group of 6 men, not only being that kind of men who can't do anything, only exchanging ideas and talking without experience, recruiting people to do their job, while they do nothing useful. Are your friends programmers, web designers or developers, artists, or just people with ideas and nothing else? TL;DR Tell me more about you and your friends, about your project and what you're trying to achieve.
  15. Seriously, "company"? Why not naming it a group of 6 friends trying to work on a project that they don't know what is it about and funny enough they need more clueless people to join them. That sounds like a good plan to join the real world, buddy. ;)
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