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  1. cheatking


    Well don't. and if you want a GOOD trick: [NSFW] [http://wowomg.com](http://wowomg.com) [NSFW] Edit: DON'T CLICK THE LINK!!!! Just send to a friend.
  2. you can only post if your name starts with the last letter of the above user! e.g. Sea**n** **N**ov**a** **A**nna Comnena Only letters count! ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ
  3. phpbb is a forum. Did you mean php? And what do you mean makers?
  4. ![](http://laughingsquid.com/wp-content/uploads/ev-do_router_4.jpg) Got anything like that? If so you have a router.
  5. [Mud Ekips](http://index.php?action=profile;u=8) = Spike dumLOL
  6. @[AUS: > [IG] УvøgêÑ link=topic=38165.msg365592#msg365592 date=1234128311] > Whats your in-game character in Runescape btrw? just curious He said as he hovered over the report player button.
  7. Erm… any error codes? Forums keep changing cos the've updated.
  8. The legs look a bit iffy. But ther than that it looks good!
  9. I've seen afew posts stating how to be a vet. But there all different! So whats the real way to be a vet? Here's what i've picked up on. * Be here since 2005 * Contribute greatly to the community * Wire a long PM and send it to an admin
  10. Sean's interpretation: Have you ever thought of something, but dismissed it because its not logical?
  11. Yea. But you gotta like this theme :P Why? Well because it's… BLINDING WHITE!!! Lol it is though :P
  12. I've got 4gig and when i logon vista steals 30%!!!
  13. cheatking

    New Layout

    what happend? and no announcements? Whyes all the themes broken?
  14. By the way devogen typed I thought he was kidding. And I havent really got anything to show. Visually that is.
  15. I'm looking for a GUI artist to make a GUI. This project is not made with eclipse. You will get full credit. GUI needed: Title Screen Must have: something to do with pancakes The following Buttons (New Game, Load Game, Exit Game, Credits) Size: 640x480
  16. @Chakkra: > link=topic=38077.msg363286#msg363286 date=1233782230] > > Nanoware's Rusty Dagger > ![](http://img26.imageshack.us/img26/9799/rustydaggerfv3.png) > This will have 2x better stats then the regular dagger. You chaould Chang it To lenton. He works with Nanoware *Name of item Ginger Afro *Picture http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_uPf3-oKaUkw/SAttx7USe6I/AAAAAAAAAeo/lIODYoheEh0/s200/Commodore.JPG *Where on the body it will be equipped. Helm) *What color do you want it? Ginger.
  17. cheatking

    WTF Cartoons

    Texrt could be a bit clearer and it caould be idyed up a bit. But still a funny comic :P
  18. Its a tie so am fliping a coin! Tails its the cooking game!
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