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  1. You're better off using IsPlaying to make sure nothing goes wrong, because you don't need to be fully in-game for that value of yours to change. :]
  2. Open the project file in Visual Basic 6(Client.vbp and Server.vbp), in those browse to modConstants and adjust the values accordingly, making sure they're the same on both sides and compile the client and server through File> Make Client.exe/Server.exe That's pretty much all there is to it, adjusting the files seperately will not do anything because the Source Files are only used by VB6, not the final executable.
  3. We no longer offer support for Eclipse Stable or any Evolution derivation unfortunately.
  4. Stein

    Nicer Eclipse

    Might be time to keep a stricter look on things then, and not only say it. :P And pimpslap a few of the people with powers that seem to enjoy using them for things that're not meant to happen :P
  5. @jcsnider: > No. These are not newbie tutorials. These are code snippets. That I guess will attempt to improve eclipse for those who use them :/… It has the most impact on CS:DE from what I've been told, It boosted the FPS client side about 5 times for some people. I personally haven't found much use for it in EO, aside from the fact that GetTickCount will break a after your computer has been on for a long amount of time, and it will eventually reset and start over, resulting in it breaking every loop based function we have in EO.
  6. @jcsnider: > BUT with soo many edits it is nearly impossible to guarantee anything. It's mostly just tutorials and bugfixes made by other people though.. So if it's unstable he didn't follow those properly. The interface is nice however.
  7. Hmm, I assumed he was actually resizing it, and not hitting fullscreen actually. If you drag resize a window it can get away from the *32 sizes. And I never really touched it no, it crashes my graphics drivers on just the login screen.
  8. I know, but just clarifying he may not be able to keep all of it, animated tiles being the most prominent one coming to mind.
  9. It's possible, but there are features that're simply not there in EO, so it may cause you to lose a feature or two here and there.
  10. Because resizing allows the screen to be in a non *32 format, if you manage to resize the form to the nearest *32 value it should work fine however.
  11. Stein

    Help with error

    I would assume so, because it appears to have something to do with performing an action with an NPC. (It's a little hard to judge not seeing all the code :P)
  12. Stein

    Help with error

    I just looked at that sub completely, and what the hell are you trying to do there? xD That's the NPC Spawn sub, not attack.. So I don't get what you're trying to edit in there?
  13. Stein

    Help with error

    Haha, that should be MapNPC(Mapnum).NPC(MapNPCNum).x :]
  14. Stein

    Help with error

    Change the whole Player(Index).Char into TempPlayer(Index).CurChar. ;] I wrote that system in a way that's different from the original way it was done, because I felt like doing it on my own instead of copy/pasting stuff. Haha, so it's a tad different from other stuff.
  15. Stein

    Help with error

    Ah, you added the system from an older Eclipse version didn't you? Sadly the .Char variable isn't used in ED, it's TempPlayer(Index).CurChar Not sure what that second yellow line is supposed to display, you have no error message on it nor can I see the values :]
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