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  1. Pretty sure the class editor works for Silver as well, since it loads from the same file.
  2. It's what XNA uses to compile its resource packages I believe.
  3. > This was ACTUALLY finished? Why do we still use a vb6 version of eclipse if there already is a .net version out there?! It was basically a direct copy/paste of VB6 code to ''work'' with VB.Net, it had issues, crashes and weird glitches all over if I recall.
  4. I believe JC gave it to a select few, but whether they still have it or not I wonder.
  5. Stein

    Wii U

    It's not a bad machine, I have one in the living room myself although my daughter seems to hog it the majority of the time.
  6. Not sure which engine you're using, but the majority use either *.bmp or *.png for image files.
  7. Since this is an engine that was sold, nobody should share it with you aside from the owner. You'll need to contact him.
  8. They were never finished or meant to be used in a production environment, they're just there because nobody bothered polishing this as it's really something that differs for every game.
  9. Stein

    The Future of EO4?

    > Although on DX7\. We'd use a hack tile that created a dark effect, by leaving every other pixel of the tile transparent while the other part would be black. :P Yes, but this was an awful and inefficient method. :P Nobody in their right mind should ever copy that method.
  10. Stein

    The Future of EO4?

    1) The original method used to render night tiles was.. far from efficient and would completely murder performance on a large amount of machines. It was simply never added back into EO because of this, as at the time we were using DirectDraw7 which has no proper methods for handling alpha levels on textures meaning they would always be solid colors. 2) I'm not sure, can't really answer this as I'm not 100% certain as to what their current plans are.
  11. Stein

    The Future of EO4?

    The security issues have always been there, with scripting as we employ it within VB6 (which is essentially just interpreted VBScript) you can shut down a computer or remove files from the harddrive. You generally wouldn't do this to your own gameserver, however if you give people access to a system they can abuse on a server hosted for them on a machine with other servers.. You'll quickly run into people breaking stuff. It's very easy to write a VBScript to scan an entire machine to get its folder structure. EclipseV does not have this issue, because of the fact that it'll be written in a modern language and thus allow for more modern implementations of languages. The one V uses is Lua, which requires the programmer to open up what it can do rather than it taking every command there is available natively. This exact system will not make it over to VB6 though, or is at least very unlikely because it'd require JC to write an entire implementation for his Lua libraries to work with VB6, which is a bit.. difficult knowing how awkward VB6 handles some variable types. As for converters, I've asked this internally a couple of times but because of the way the new map system and resource (tilesets, characters etc.) system works it will NOT be possible to convert your data over. (There's likely to be differences in every system, but these have been confirmed as nigh impossible to convert so far)
  12. Strange how a corrupt file would give an RTE9, not quite the number I had expected to see. But glad it's fixed either way!
  13. There's a little button on everyone's profile that lets you send them a message, or going through your inbox and simply starting a new conversation. But this link should take you to the right place: [http://www.eclipseorigins.com/community/index.php?app=members&module=messaging┬žion=send&do=form&fromMemberID=36411](http://www.eclipseorigins.com/community/index.php?app=members&module=messaging§ion=send&do=form&fromMemberID=36411)
  14. Oh right, I saw that at some point and edited it out of my original post, silly me. Anyhow, how many images are you putting in your folder exactly? (Or rather, does it still do this if you go up by increments of 5 images, and if so when?)
  15. I know there were a couple, but I don't think any of them did it very well. Your best bet would be to search the tutorial boards honestly. That index doesn't have everything in it. :)
  16. But what engine is this in? And does it do the same thing with any other engine?
  17. Hmm, I'm afraid you'll need to PM either JC or Amish about getting access to those accounts then. Unfortunately I do not have access to the EO4 systems so I can not help you there. :)
  18. Aherm, let's not drag this back into the open and create more drama. Second warning.
  19. Alright, let's not cause any more trouble over what has happened here and not point fingers any further. I'm not a huge fan of giving people forced vacations, but I'm sure one can be arranged by now.
  20. Stein

    Sprite Size

    Just for the record, you can increase your sprite sizes however their collision boxes will not change beyond the original 32x32 pixel tile in their bottom center.
  21. Theoretically it's possible. However there's no practical benefit to it as a *.PNG file allows for far more features and a higher quality. Why would you want to see this changed, exactly?
  22. Curious, are you trying to log in with your account from the forums? It's a completely seperate system.
  23. Are you sure it's throwing an RTE9 over spell icons? And if so, in what engine? Because frankly speaking it doesn't ever load the icons during the interface step in the engines I'm familiar with.
  24. I'm locking this, I've seen enough from your side and your supposedly innocent team members trying to flame other people their work, and directly putting them down. While I can not endorse their behaviour neither can I endorse yours. I'm also not going to stand for having this out in the open just to attract more drama to this whole ordeal, **if there's an issue with other members we do like to be informed**, but **calling them out on the forums is NOT the way to do this**. If you have concrete evidence that it is their doing, and you can back this up by facts we can take action against them and I'd like to see this in my inbox, not the forums.. Until then, we've only seen wrongdoings from your team members using their name, flaming their game and purposefully causing drama on the shoutbox. The odds are not in your favor here. And as a general note: you can not simply get a random keylogger through skype without accepting it yourself. You either may need to look into your staff members, or start logging changes on your server and their IP Addresses for security reasons.
  25. That's a bit odd, are there any odd foreign characters in your password and/or mail address?
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