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  1. ![](http://33.media.tumblr.com/f44f7dbe661b8e0403417dff8c54f696/tumblr_nakx2exKWB1r0ksv3o1_500.jpg) I went to a party last week where we had to wear suits and hats. I can't remember anything.
  2. Lasers, and by extension light sabers are incredibly ineffective as weapons when compared with guns that fire bullets. A laser would make a single cauterized wound that was the same size on both entry and exit, no blood loss or anything. The same would happen with a saber, the wound would be closed from any cut that was made, Bullets on the other hand spin and rip a person apart, it isn't pleasant but when in a warzone it's better to use a weapon that is going to prevent your enemy from attacking you by dealing an insane amount of damage to them, not fixing them up just after you've hurt them.
  3. > You look good! Is that suit a rental? Naww man I own it.
  4. ![](http://eclipseorigins.com/community/filehost/840794bd0467d2678a1188a60c34c94b.jpg) One time I wore a suit and had a super low quality photo taken of me.
  5. I guess I'll hang around for a bit and catch up with everyone. It's Pryex by the way. Good old Pryex. What a douche that guy was.
  6. Sup guys. I'm back. Funny story actually. I had a weird dream where I spoke to Gwen on skype for some reason, so I awoke and then I was like. Shit son I'd best check Eclipse to make sure none of the incompetent fools have hurt anyone. Show of hands, who missed me? I'm looking at you Draken. P.S: Why can't I post images, I had the perfect picture for my return… I'll just link it instead: [http://gallery.burrowowl.net/index.php?q=/image/30205.jpg](http://gallery.burrowowl.net/index.php?q=/image/30205.jpg)
  7. I get back and you're all being flaming retards. How the hell do you moronic fucks even manage this?
  8. The prank this year was creating the anticipation of an awesome prank, and then giving us nothing. Marsh you clever devil.
  9. Hey. Not to question your most gigantic of dick moves. BUt Hippoman here's had a nice long break to think things through. Shouldn't you at least try to give him another chance before shamelessly flaming him?
  10. Pryex


    It's still going Fabio, and in those two years, I never saw a thread for it.
  11. Pryex


    I'm surprised that I've never seen this mentioned here before. But this is the greatest story ever to grace the internet. [HOMESTUCK](http://www.mspaintadventures.com/?s=6) Things Homestuck has ruined: -the internet -anime -video games -movies -everything Things Homestuck has improved: -Juggalos The characters are spectacular and there are some points where it's utterly hillarious. It's a mind baffingly insane plot towardw ehere it is now, and it doesn't get any easier to understand. Act 1 is a little slow but once you get past it you're in for something brilliant. Go read. Behold its robes.
  12. (╯°□°)╯︵![](http://i1097.photobucket.com/albums/g351/Pryex/trollface.png)
  13. D'ohohohoho [![](http://www.uploderx.net/dphrag/iceburn924.gif)](http://)
  14. @Rusher: > Ohai Pryex. You know that everything Gwen does, I have to do opposite, right? Yeah I'd noticed. You must have a pretty big hate thing for her.
  15. Nice to see you again too Rush.
  16. Gwen dragged me back. You bastards.
  17. I have returned for this one post. This once. Skyward Sword is the best Zelda game to date. STONGER START THAN OCARINA OF TIME (INCOMING SHITSTORM). You should all go buy this. I'd like to also point out how well motion+ works in this game. >! Very well
  18. Well, this place is a rotting carcass compared to what it was three years ago. Yes, I understand the the community must evolve if it is to survive, but that isn't what it's doing. It's stagnant. It's sitting there and doing nothing to the point where all you see in the shoutbox is people asking for help and you get a new post in the off topic section once a week. The fun parts are dying. I stayed here because it was fun. I have made some good friends in my time here and I will no doubt keep in contact with them. If all I can do is keep in touch with them via PM I'll be on to do that once in a while, but I won't say anything. I might be back in the future, I might not. But goodbye Eclipse, you're just not what you used to be.
  19. Code Geass is my new favourite. Till that though it was Dragonball Z. But no Code Geass is the best.
  20. Pffft. There aren't any girls on the internet.
  21. Because it's become about you telling the stars of your love towards Robin. That's pretty gay.
  22. Welcome back Nikos. I'm sure things wil sort themselves out, at the same time I'm sure Gwen will be happy to see this thread.
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