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  1. Riley id like to get a scripter before even saying anything about scripts so if i have an awesome scripter i could get better stuff and if i dont have much anythin good as a scripter i couldnt get those so i just dont wanna do fake promises and my other projects didnt fail i just abondonned them cause no-one applyed even after 2 weeks >.< BTW:ill start mapping soon for the normal citys monster areas, ill wait a bit for item dungeons and paperdoll for the last 2 days ive been trying to perfect the sprite but ive got problemes with alignment (argh >.
  2. off topic and degrading so mod clear this BTW: add info most ppl will just check the line and click the back button
  3. hmm can a mod clear this CLEARLY noone here is interested in join my team and has the read b4 posting says: only post if you wanna join the team it gets irritating if random ppl just come and spam your thread about mostly off topic stuff >.<
  4. ddunit


    hey trinity its aeon/genjustsu/aguy from lotisca (XD) wanna go check out my project maybe you could help me?
  5. its ok im just looking for people
  6. epic, try helping him and not degrade him and if your looking for a team before even starting on your game he has the right to post even if no-one except some nice person would get interested
  7. Hmmm this is recruiting center not work in progress and i said i wont start working on the game until i get a valuable team so the ss's will have to wait and epic Epicfail thats 1 reason ppl dont like you , you cant even say somthing contructive and delid wanna join the team?
  8. Just updated!!! forums! here is the link: http://barfalch.ipbfree.com/index.php? ~~info~~ Well, after 2 failed projects(:sad:) i come back with something new and have an idea of making it work this time! Before starting the game or ANYTHING i will need a team of sprite makers, scripters but most important PAPERDOLLERS (Why? read farther to understand) OK, now ill talk about the features (yeez!). This game is still gonna be an mmorpg don't freak they will still be monsters but i got a pretty nice idea! To get like bunny ears (which will be rare) you'll have to go trough a side -scroller dungeon!(lostica style! I give credit of the idea to miguu tho)with at the end the convoyed item you'll have to fight a boss which drops a key to open a door behind him and when you pickup item you get warp to outside of dungeon (so noobs just not keep picking it up lol) To get to the dungeon you'll have to go to an area filled with monsters that drops less rare items to money! The screenshots will come when i get my team cause well i cant really make a sprite that can wear paperdolled items >.<
  9. i got some tilesets off internet but… They dont work correctly _______________________________________________ [![](http://img152.imageshack.us/img152/9826/tilesetglitchedrc8.th.png)](http://img152.imageshack.us/my.php?image=tilesetglitchedrc8.png)
  10. i need some help on a hide spell makes u disappear only see the sides of body in white and Berserk spell, doubles ur dmg and speed but reduce defence to 0 and my sprites dont work well its either the head or the body -.-
  11. ddunit

    Sprite probleme

    I cant seem to get the right sprites in my classes i put them its just some random sprite and im getting bored of it and i can only get the head or the body of somthing not its complete thing wat i do? its in ET
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