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  1. @Tylian!: > I know, you live in the same area as me. Remember? :P We still need to meet at some point. xD
  2. @Robin: > That's actually a stanley knife, but my God does it look like a dildo. Why would you take the pink one?
  3. ddunit


    Oh, another christmas video.
  4. ddunit

    My Gift To You

    @spork: > WRONG! This Nyan cat is user controllable and fires rainbow lasers when you press space. Oh! Goodie! A fucking controllable Nyan Cat!
  5. Looks like took the dragon (I think?) RMXP sprite and did a shitty edit of it. Edit: http://echostorms.net/Resources/Sprites/64x64/64x64%20(1).bmp You can see the orange dragon in there.
  6. I torrent all the time. No records on me. Lmao.
  7. ddunit


    I don't understand people sometimes.
  8. @Captain: > The only way I can see you fixing this problem is if you get a strong magnet(VERY strong) and wave it **ON THE SIDES** of your harddrive. The force will merge the two partitions and you'll have your 500gb back(maybe even another hundred gb!). If the computer starts without text saying you need to reboot and it successfully starts windows, this means that you need to re-do the magnet fix, infact even get a stronger magnet. Eventually it will come up with text saying that you need to restart, which means it was a success! > > Happy to help, love Santa Claus. That or you can simply hit your computer with a mallet a few times.
  9. @Tylian!: > LOLOL I _am_ one of the asshats hacking Mabi. > Remember when everyone could teleport everywhere? My work. > From darkness to light. It's a saying on one of my shirts and I thought it was cool xD Lmao. PS. My first language is french.
  10. He's a gay furry. This game is obviously headed for success!
  11. ddunit

    My Gift To You

    Oh goodie, it's fucking Nyan Cat.
  12. You know Miguu, you should finish Lostica one of these days.
  13. Take the Marsh approach for money. Sell pictures of your wang.
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