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  1. Bannned for liking pokemon over digimon.
  2. Well, the (Event) taggs topic would be mixed up with other tutorials, and if you're looking around, you won't be able to find it because it's lost in the pages and pages of tutorials. Why disagree? What are the cons? Pros: Easier to find Event tutorials. Doesn't get them mixed up. Easier for newer members to find. Cons: None So why support the idea of not having it? It's just about as pointless about saying that Global Warming is good, and that we should nuke eachother up.
  3. I know I could use variables, but I would like the easier editor, and the journal and stuff.
  4. Ha. I agree with the artical. XD
  5. It's the banks fault. Technically it's not stealing. They allowed him to get the money. They gave it away, due to glitches. He shouldn't go to jail.
  6. Nice! Looks very good. (Aside from the tileset, but that's not the point. The point is that you have DX8!) I wonder if CS:DE mods would be compatible with this. Or if this event system is compatible with CS:DE… Bah, nevermind.
  7. In tutorials, just make a sub-board called Events. It's not going to hurt anybody, and it wouldn't get mixed up with the other tutorials.
  8. I ban you for making the person above you make a complex banning.
  9. How did you implement it in the event system?! I'm sort of a beginner at code. I mean, I could find out the function for starting the quest, but… PM me? I'm gonna look into the code. Might find out how to do it. >.> I have to make a new event type that starts a quest. :P Pretty simple really. But I still could use some help. XD I would really have no idea how to end the quest. I have a vague idea of how to make the event check if the task is done. But how would I modify this: ``` If CanStartQuest(attacker, NPC(npcNum).QuestNum) Then 'if can start show the request message (speech1) QuestMessage attacker, NPC(npcNum).QuestNum, Trim$(Quest(NPC(npcNum).QuestNum).Speech(1)), NPC(npcNum).QuestNum Exit Function End If If QuestInProgress(attacker, NPC(npcNum).QuestNum) Then 'if the quest is in progress show the meanwhile message (speech2) QuestMessage attacker, NPC(npcNum).QuestNum, Trim$(Quest(NPC(npcNum).QuestNum).Speech(2)), 0 ```to fit the event system? Would I make it check, and then use a showtext command? I also need to download the FRM for quest editing and take a look at the code which Identifies the NPC to start the quest. daxterxx, could you help me out? XD
  10. Try going on the map editor, and onto properties, and increase map size. 500th Post! Woot!
  11. Is there someway to merge this mod: http://www.touchofdeathforums.com/smf2/index.php/topic,70502.0.html with your mod? Making the quest start rely on the event, not an actual NPC? Maybe a *Quest Start* Command? Could you maybe tell me how to do this, or give me a hint? It would be really helpful. I could just take a look at the quest system and find the quest start thing. But how would I go about implementing it into the event system?
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