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  1. Pryex

    3d ish

    Is it possible to create an eclipse game that is 3rd person from behind your character, so you move around only seeing your own back. If so, how? And anybody who does know how to do it. Would they be interested in making a transformers mmorpg? I'm sure with a few tweaks to the program something like this would be possible.
  2. Pryex

    Good Items

    I would like to request that somebody PDs the "Good Items" sheet. I am currently using it in my game and I have no paperdoll for it, please help. Also, how do I use paperdoll in the game? :-[
  3. I know this is probably not in the right place, if not could somebody move it there. I do not know how to upload custom tilesets, could somebody please help me?
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