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  1. Yup today we should see some fucked up displays of weather.
  2. I think its totally possible with the comet Alignment of the earth and sun.
  3. Niko

    Own graphics

    Work on the transition from long grass to short grass, Don't use cell shading, this isn't runescape. They somehow pulled off the look for 8 years before changing it and had thousands of players regardless. You will not. I like how you actually have a defined light source, but cel shading sucks. Take your bushes for example, it looks like one solid color just light to dark. Bushes aren't like this, they have texture, they have leaves. Work on these things. Also have you ever seen a tree that had so much light reflecting off of it where half of the tree looked white to you? I don't think so. Food for thought.
  4. the outlines should be the same thickness on all trees, and pretty much everything. The flowers seem out of place with the almost black outline.
  5. Niko

    My graphics

    There not terrible. fairly decent start. Keep practicing.
  6. Your maps are decent, Im not really looking for a mapper currently. If I ever do I shall inform you. Thanks Murdock.
  7. @Kemerd: > It looks nice, I guess. I like the felling of the graphics. Sorta reminds me of runescape. Haha, its funny because that's actually what I was going for.
  8. Rithy I might get ahold of you in the future.
  9. My game recently had a name change. It is now the Land Of The Fallen. **I Am mainly looking for a professional gui artist, and a vb6 coder for a few features.** Recently I had a lot going on, college starting, taking out loans, working many hours so I could have cash when i moved up to college. Now its 3-4 weeks in and everything is settled down a lot. I once again have quite a bit of free time on my hands, so development is back in progress. If you are a good pixel artist looking for a home and can mimic others works then you can apply. But most important are coders and gui artists. Maybe even a lore writer but im not sure. Anyway I want to release a 1 week long test demo to the eclipse public here soon so I can get feedback on whats currently developed, so get a hold of me asap via this thread or private message. ![](http://i77.photobucket.com/albums/j59/BigNiko188/main-1.gif) ![](http://i77.photobucket.com/albums/j59/BigNiko188/Gameaction-1.png) ![](http://i77.photobucket.com/albums/j59/BigNiko188/fishshop2.png) ![](http://i77.photobucket.com/albums/j59/BigNiko188/bank-1.png) ![](http://i77.photobucket.com/albums/j59/BigNiko188/bats-1.png) ![](http://i77.photobucket.com/albums/j59/BigNiko188/cliffs.png) ![](http://i77.photobucket.com/albums/j59/BigNiko188/hatchet.png) All tilesets made by me.
  10. Just saying I don't think he would have went through the trouble of adding all the black lines if they were not intended.
  11. The black out lines are their to make it like grid style tiling. That seems like it was very intentional so i doubt he'll change that, I think they look awesome.
  12. oops musta pulled something off the wrong person :0 sorry about that. I guess I was being a bit of a jack ass. Thanks for the support fellas.
  13. Mehh im assuming this topic will die shortly anyway so why not make some personal stabs at the local forum asshole eh?
  14. ive been around way too long to let a post on a forum (especially this one) make me cry. Also especially when the person bashing my art creates beautiful imagery such as this: ![](http://bpprojects-i.com/blood2.jpg)
  15. Im not taking this the wrong way at all. Im not offended or hurt Im just confused at the way this dude is approaching his posting. Their was never any rules or guidelines to the way things HAVE to be done for pixeling. That goes for anything at all, so him telling me aspects of my art are WRONG is just crazy in my mind. He just came in here acting like a jew right away and that's stupid. Posting a list of like 7-8 "faults" in a row and ending his post with "Good enough?" without being provoked is not helpful its just immature. Plus through out this he pretty much derailed my topic. I mean who cares if my crate in game doesn't look the same as on the gui… seriously... Gimmie a break here, I mean come on
  16. Wow your on a different planet buddy, Im not mad, but i also never once mention wanting crit or feed back. It seems like your just making shit up to justify your antics. A light source is realism when a cartoon looking game with NO sun is the topic of our tongues. I pixel the way I want, i get it to look how I want then im done and move on. I dont sit around editing every flaw every person points out. Because that would take ages. And I bet someone else could come up with a whole different list of flaws in my graphics because its all a matter of opinion. Taking the time to harvest such list is what separates your from the rest though. Good day sir.
  17. Thanks bro ;) real helpfull. What a great community. Anyway, noone said i was going for realism…its a cartoon rpg. What do you you base your crit off of? Wait my fault... Your with the pixel police, I understand buddy.
  18. Uhm yea me and a few select members of this forum are working on a certain game of sorts. Figured I would show it off and what not. The games untitled currently(note don't mind the title in the gui, its a place holder until we actually decide on one) and is getting drawn and digitally manipulated via cs5 by me and coded by the old time forum lurker himself Unnown. Main menu gui ![](http://i77.photobucket.com/albums/j59/BigNiko188/main2-1.gif) Heres a screen shot of the woodcutting skill ![](http://i77.photobucket.com/albums/j59/BigNiko188/wcPrev.png)
  19. thanks alot man, i actually consider my self a horrorcore rapper because death is usually a main subject i use. This song here, not quite horrorcore but it dabbles in that direction. Thanks for the like. All you eclipse fanboyz out their, stop sleeping.
  20. lol its my voice man… i cant really change it, I guess god dealt me a bad hand for what im trying to do haha So wait how'd you enjoy it but not the voice... without the voice it would just be a beat...
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