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  1. i got to 7 on my own but now im stumped.
  2. Pimp avatars. They are pure sex.
  3. Why would putting them in date matter. Plus i don't think it would matter if people necroed in a tutorial topic. Its all about help anyway. If someone warns you for necroing in a tutorial thread just send them my way ;)
  4. added to tutorial sticky. We need more graphics tuts such as this ;)
  5. added to tutorial sticky.
  6. Niko

    Quest Log Test.

    IT looks like wrinkled paper to me.
  7. its not only the tree though but yeah. Also is the tree in your background as lushes and plump with leafs as that one is? Also is the tree trunk that thick on short trees? Normally trees that are the size of humans, or shorter are less fat and not so bushy. You know what I mean? Also not the stumps are far bigger than any of the tree trunks around and the stump looks abnormally large compared to the human. Its those kinds of things that their talking bout. Like I said I don't mind it at all, games aren't always meant to be as realistic as possible because they are not real… why make a game simulate life as close ass possible? If you wanted to walk around in real life and do normal things than you would, the point of games are to drag you away from the normal realism of our lives.
  8. Niko

    Sprite :D

    Why give up, that's a kick ass sprite?!?! EE 3.0 can have any sprite size and making the game screen a bit bigger is hardly a problem. I think your styles pretty damn cool. Stick with it man. Customs FTW!!!!!
  9. they are right, like if you look at your smaller trees the sprites are the same exact size, not very realistic, i didn't really notice until they said anything though. And If you look at the small boat, if the human sat down he would take up one whole side of the boat practically instead of one of the seats. Its not technically a bad thing and your far to into your tilesets to redo all of them. If you want to fix the problem Id just say to scale the sprites and pd down. But yea. For the cliff tiles, I would day they look decent and would look better when the transition was fixed. I like them. Only problem I see that is kind of unappealing is the border of the top of the cliffs. The cliffs and the ground tile used compliment each other well but the border is too bright and out of place, try using a different pallets that blends better with the darker browns. Idk maybe darker is not the way to go, but if you look at the cliffs a bit the three elements are strange together, they seem almost separate and not on cliff which is what you should be going for.
  10. Shading is for sure needed, maybe its just the lack of shading but their needs to be some way to differentiate the two sides. Maybe a post thing down the middle or maybe a thicker roof tile in the middle or maybe simply shading. Not sure.
  11. nice poster, id buy it.
  12. for the hills Id say make the shading around it all the dark… It looks like a bevel with the light side. I think it would look decent then. Nice work dude.
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