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  1. Adventures of Virellia is a game that brings back the classic nostalgic feel of early 2000's 2D MMORPGs. It is inspired by indie games made with PlayerWorlds, ORE and Mirage Source. Adventures of Virellia was originally made back in April 2009, inspired by a popular indie 2D MMO that came out in 2000. We are still in development phase at this time! Visit our Discord Community for further updates and discussions. Main Website https://draignet.itch.io/virellia
  2. Based on MSE2, with credits to Consty, Harold and Emily. https://sourceforge.net/projects/mirage-source-5/ Welcome to MirageSource 5. --------------------------- This version of Mirage Source has been updated with DirectX 8. The engine itself in regards to its features is much the same as the original version with the added feature of seamless scrolling maps. Features Seamless scrolling maps DirectX 8 Byte array packets Stand-alone client & server
  3. No you're completely wrong. The server loads all the map data from the map#.dat files, sends that data to the client, and the client uses the data to draw to the screen. The maps are saved on the client side for faster loading (I think), so that it doesn't have to get all the data packets from the server, unless the map was changed (Uses a revision number to check I think). The server does use some things that would be useful for an offline map editor, such as the saving and loading code.
  4. This always gets brought up, countless times. I've given it a bash myself and I just can't seem to put all the pieces together. There's so much code related to the map editor just scattered randomly around the client that it's difficult to try and pin-point it all and put it into a new project. If anybody has one working, or can help me to make one which I will happily share with the rest of the community, please reply :)
  5. Very nice, thanks for the credits.
  6. Xlithan

    Extra Stat

    Yeah it doesn't work like it used to. I don't have a massive list of items, maybe 100 or so, so I'll just enter the data into an excel spreadsheet and re-add them again. It seems kinda silly why a stat wasn't added in the first place for spell power and spell defence. Ahh well.
  7. Xlithan

    Extra Stat

    No, I need another option lol
  8. Xlithan

    Extra Stat

    Adding an extra character stat seems to mess up the engine completely. I can't open the item/npc editor. I've added all the necessary controls to their forms, but it seems to mess up the values of other data and crashes the client. Any ideas?
  9. What I'm saying, is that in PlayerAttackPlayer, it sends the colour of the action message to every player on the map. I want the attacker to see yellow, and the receiver to see bright red. I'm not particularly bothered about other players seeing what damage is being done.
  10. I decided I wanted a different colour depending on whether you were giving the damage, or receiving the damage whilst in combat with another player or NPC. I'm not 100% sure, but would I be accurate in saying that there is only 1 line of code for deciding the colour which is displayed when attacking another player/NPC, and that both the attacker and victim will see that same colour? If so, what would be a good way for showing a different colour depending on if you were the receiver or distributor of the attack? Thanks.
  11. Cool. I didn't use your entire code as it's pretty much the same as mine. I got the items to go onto the second row but the images aren't being displayed. Probably something I've forgotten to change, I'll have to have a look through when I got time, but if you have any ideas what could be causing the issue, let me know :)
  12. I've added 4 more item types which can be equipped by the player. I've been going over bltEquipment for some time now and can't seem to figure out how to get it to start another row of items in the character window. By default it draws Weapon, Armour, Helmet, Shield. You can easily add more columns, but I wish to add another row underneath. I've tried changing **.top = EqTop** to **.top = EqTop * 2** if the item count is more than 4, but it still doesn't work. Any help greatly appreciated :)
  13. Xlithan

    Game Balancing

    I'm looking for a tool, perhaps an add-on for the npc/item/spell editor that will make it easier to balance the game. Instead of adding random statistics to NPCs/items/spells and then spending hours testing it all and adjusting, it would be great if somebody had a nice little calculator that would make game balancing easier with the current EO2.0 formulas. Any code/suggestions would be great. Thanks.
  14. No I see what he means with "Think Innovative". Kinda like the Think Bike campaign.
  15. Xlithan

    Spell Sounds

    No sound when casting spells. As far as I know, there's a call to **SendMapSound** in **SpellPlayer_Effect** and **SpellNpc_Effect**. But no sound is called for any other type of spell. Which sub routine do I put the call, since I'm not sure whether to put it in BufferSpell or CastSpell.
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