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  1. @'GalacticGlum': > This seemed really cool! It was a fun project while it lasted :D, but I was a young kid back then like 14 years old and in 8th grade, Now I am 16 and I skipped high school and dived straight into college and I became so much more responsible and mature then I was before. There may be a possibility of this getting revived in the future hell, I may even post the Game Maker Files up here if I can find them. In conclusion it was a fun game to create and it was well designed, if only I continued the project :dodgy:.
  2. I remember this thread like I posted it yesterday. I have moved on from GameMaker because of it is now so easy to get a hold of (aka pirated copy, I received mine legibly so :P) so its not easy to determine which games are authentic and which are not now a days. I am currently learning Java, LUA and HTML for Cyber-Security and I will most likely go back into gaming later. Brings back so much memories looking at this post. I apologize for any people who were hoping for this to come out (people from like almost 2 years ago xD) But I cherish your supports in me for attempting myself to advance with this project. Maybe soon I will create my own version of Providence without GameMaker. Only time will tell :) @'WiseRock': > All Sprites were drawn by me, Render and are owned by LostTerminalStudios > > ©LostTerminalStudios 2014 All rights Reserved Scratch that. Idc if you use the GFX. I was an immature kid back then so meh.
  3. > You spent 20 bucks on a rock? couldnt you go out and find a huge rock, clean it off, get googlie eyes, and glue them to it for like. maybe 2 bucks? > > Though i do admit, i Might just buy one for the fun of it. *Nods* P.S It's not just a rock. You will understand once you receive it in the mail
  4. > Sometimes you got to hit **rock** bottom to climb to the top… Hang in there man.. Nice Seems like you need some advice from Good Ol' Wise Rock, You can make a living by selling Rocks xD [http://www.motherearthnews.com/diy/selling-rocks-rock-shop-lapidary-zmaz71jfzsto.aspx](http://www.motherearthnews.com/diy/selling-rocks-rock-shop-lapidary-zmaz71jfzsto.aspx) On the other note Wise Rock is being totally serious you could actually earn a living by doing this.
  5. ![](http://beafunmum.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/dreamstime_s_20093731.jpg) It only cost Wise Rock $19.95! [http://www.petrock.com/](http://www.petrock.com/) BUY ONE NOW!
  6. People are still using this,, ooo.
  7. WiseRock

    Member of the Month

    Wise Rock nominates Wise Rock nuff said
  8. > Töten is to kill in German, gestorben is dead as an adjective Wise Rock isn't German so he thanks for the help. What Wise Rock meant is you can name the game Undead but in a different language so it sounds cooler.
  9. Wise Rock likes the project and as Wise Rock can tell you are using Visual Studio's C# XNA correct Wise Rock wants to start coding in C#, Tutorials are doing a fine job as of now. Good Job P.S You should call your game Töten. Töten is Dead in German.
  10. Title says it all. How bout it Can you imagine how eclipse would run with Wise Rock as a global moderater. Post the #1 if you think this post will become part of the Board of Shame. If there is enough when Wise Rock gets Mod Access Wise Rock will move it to the appropriate section.
  11. WiseRock

    Board of Shame.

    Wise Rock remembers when the guy tried to Sue Eclipse for getting a warning LOL. So too much Lololololol. It was truly amusing.
  12. Necropost by 21 Days Wise Rock doesn't care. Anyways to the Point: Wise Rock would expect an Event System.
  13. > 1.7.0 is doing great :) expect a release soon im thinking a week into feb if all goes well! Wise Rock would like to know of the new features which are upcoming.
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