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  1. Well, if you are using pre-compiled version of the engine I suggest you find an open source one, since you can enable anything that wasn't in the silver package through code. If you do have the source code then it should be easy to do it. I believe someone posted the source code when it was discontinued.
  2. EO 4.0/4.2 is for me personally a bad choice of an engine to use since it was made with a membership in mind. (Back in the they when it originally released you had 2 types of membership , gold and silver, in order to run your game)...Since a lot of time has passed there is no more support for any of it and the engine itself is open source I believe. Anyway, you should try other DX8 engines (there are plenty that are better than EO 4) like Crystalshire which is Open source. If you made any progress in the game (mapping...) it shouldn't be too hard to write a converter ( at least for tiles not including events, if you use same tile sets ofc) to pass your progress on other engine. If these engines weren't so outdated this would've been an easy fix. I don't remember much of it since it was so long ago and If there is anyone here that does maybe you can get some more help with it :)
  3. Coyote

    Text bug

    Your text drawing seems to be off. As far as I can remember its is the fonts png file problem (At least you can hope it is) , or something changed in the code (Which most likely happened based on the pictures)... As I see from the pictures fonts are drawing too close to each other , cutting each other and leaving dots etc...Idk what engine you are using but if memory serves me you should check the function that draws text and check the letter spacing. After changing the spacing by few pixels I think it should be fine. But start with the font picture because it may be even not cutting the letters properly from the png image.
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