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  1. I did just that! Found an open source with everything available. I guess the lesson is keep searching 🙂
  2. Cheers Coyote. I appreciate its an old, unsupported engine. But, to be honest, having looked at some of the others, I like the features of this one. I'll check out Crystalshire too. But yeah, if anyone can help me with getting to those hidden entries, I'd be very grateful!
  3. Hi all, I wondered if someone could help me with this. It got flagged by someone a while ago, but I don't think they got an answer to the original question (linked below) as they also had other issues. I am using the Silver Version of 4.0, and some of the editors are limited to only a few entries (namely, quests, pets and zones). The rest of them are fine and allow plenty of entries. I can see that DAT files have been created for these 'missing' entries, but they do not appear in the editor. Is there a way that I can 'unlock' them? I'm happy to play with VB6, but I don't want to
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