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  1. Kouga

    Server Specs

    Doesn't "more players" cause the requirements to spike? What about "more of everything"?
  2. :D That's pretty cool. Are the additional frames added right or below the walking sprites? Also, can their amount be changed?
  3. Make the engine great again - Or something :D Can't wait to play with it. Good old times of Mirage Source will be back with ER, new and improved.
  4. Depends on the features though.. Also, a multiplayer game I guess?
  5. Alright :) Thanks then! And good luck with ER 1.9!
  6. Hello, so I've been trying to raise the amount of maps in both server and client. If I stay below 256 maps, it will work nicely. Anything above that value throws an out-of-memory error. Tried reducing map-npcs, map-items, even the usual database stuff (npc, items, shops etc). Player count doesn't seem to change this much either. The IDE runs on Win7 with plenty memory to go, version 1.8.2 of Renewal. My game actually needs more than 255 maps too, so this poses a real problem.
  7. :'D At least give it the ability to extract zip files. Just so our users can save some time and hosters some traffic.
  8. Hrm, the source would be nice. I'd like to customise the looks :D
  9. Question 1: Why's that fix not included in the current download :'D? It improved the game extremely.. Question 2: Why'd it improve the game this much? Anyway, thank you, Coyote! :)
  10. Tried connecting via LAN to a server in our network (to work around possible WLAN weakpoints). Worked flawlessly until other player in same network joined. Again, other player had no problems at all, even when my PC hosted the server .. same network still. Yes, Renewal! EDIT: Had access to high speed internet today. No changes. It's definitely not networking. Nor Ram, as even 4 GB seem to get it running just fine..
  11. Okay, little update; Running two clients on the same pc of course lagged, even if not as horrible as before. The person I used to test with is kinda busy right now, here's the server's IP tho
  12. Yes, I saw after you mentioned it! In case it suddenly stops lagging, what's CPS doing?
  13. @randoyes It's the same client as found in downloads! @solidlink Another thing I didn't see.. brb in a moment, running it on the dedicated machine to see if it's still lagging
  14. @randoyes Eclipse Engine 1.8.2 @solidlink Would love to try that, how do I do that?
  15. I've tested this in three different ways (each with its own weird results): - On a high-profile machine with 16 GB Ram, the client claimed 1 GB. No lags on that machine, but a computer in the same network (which should cause close to no lags) experienced stuttering and npc/other player freezes. Monster pc also could join game when hosted on mid-class notebook with no lags either. - Tried running the server on a dedicated machine. Two mid-class notebooks joined the game, both got freezes and lags. Clients claimed around 260-300 MB memory with the system still having plenty of memory to spare. (around 1 GB per system) - Joined local game on same PC as server; no lags at all, despite being the same PC with 4/6 GB. - The mid-class notebooks are Win10 and Win7, the monster-machine is Win10 as well. - Tested with good graphics card and weaker one, no change in results tho. Any idea how this could be fixed?
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