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  1. Lulux

    Text bug

    I tried to install different kind of engines that is not mine, like eclipse 3.0 or 4.0, dragon eclipse ect, same result. I didn't change anything code size, must be something related to windows but I can't tell what is the problem. Any idea?
  2. Lulux

    Text bug

    I verified the png file and everything is okay, so this is not the issue. Can it be a windows update that ruined it? It was working fine before
  3. Lulux

    Text bug

    No I didn't change anything, I remember it working just fine before. I can't figure what the problem is, I also tried to replace fonts from an other freshly installed engine just in case and same problem.
  4. Lulux

    Text bug

    Hi, I'm having this weird text bug, any idea on what the issue could be? I uploaded screens to show the issue. ^^
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