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  1. @'deminizer': > Im willing to pay for an engine for whom who can develope as i like please message me if any one is willing to. > Thank you. Pay someone to modify an engine for you…
  2. @'killerminx': > Hey I haven't been on here since 2009\. Glad to see things still running. Might help with a game or two on the side. Anyone want to catch me up??? :D The site has switched hands countless times and almost died and currently the main engine is eclipse renewal and the new owner called Zynato is working on a new engine from the ground up that is supposed to be coming soon, the site obviously has a lot less members than it used to and most people have branched off to a new site now that is run by jcsnider. All in all the site is still alive but has dwindled in userbase as most people have hopped ship to jc's site (and new engine) or just left. Edit: As someone said above and I forgot to mention Seth has left/got banned. (idk which, pretty sure he was temporarily banned and just never came back.)
  3. Edit the source code.
  4. @'Chief': > 5 months LMFTFU: 5 years
  5. Coming soon does not mean 5 months, how long till this comes out?
  6. Coming soon >Been over 50 days. >Meme arrows are cool.
  7. Tried out the game, it was fun but the engines controls are weird and some stuff is stored with the player that shouldn't be.
  8. I think the forum will only get a half life is zynato doesn't add this :P
  9. It's your boy link on the newest business venture lmao A) You do know that templates for csgo gambling sites exist online right? B) Gaben will give you the full 2 inches (kek) if you do make a csgo gambling site.
  10. Skywyre but you have to pay sky with some 'special' currency. Edit: You guys can tell this is clearly a troll post right?
  11. ![](http://i.imgur.com/8jQPfrn.jpg) I fixed the forums for you Zynato ;)
  12. 'search Skywire' A) It's Skywyre B) He made it, and this does seem to be his premium code. C) I hope those player icons are temporary.
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