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  1. I do believe this can be a problem with how Visual Basic is installed. Are you working on Windows 10? I think there's a few extra steps to get it working if you are.
  2. Hey guys, I know no one really uses the forums anymore, but I guess I wanted to get some opinions on how I'm handling a CES approach to GameObjects and Components and the like. Bellow I will link my Github project in which I was trying my best to learn how to create a CES. There's even a release jar there that gives a realllllly basic 'game' as a show of what it can currently do. When you open the code it'll be clear what does what through class name as I haven't commented a lot since most of my notes are on paper. Project Black @ Github It uses libGDX as a base and I used intelliJ to do the editting/debugging, however you can obviously use gradle to open it with the Eclipse IDE as well. The goal of this post is for criticism and perhaps ideas on what to do next. It's why I posted it in questions.
  3. Started working on a Game Development Framework of sorts to make developing 2D games on Java a little easier without having to learn say OpenGL.

    Would love criticism and the like if you decide you have time.


    Arcane [email protected]

  4. Sunku

    Improving Pixels

    > Sorry to join in on the parade raining, but this forum is a two-way street. You're asking us to help you build a house, yet you've not even laid down the foundation for it. Everything about your technique is wrong because you've neglected to learn the fundamentals. If you really want to pixel, then go learn the basics from tutorials. From there, we can tell you what you're doing right and what you're doing wrong. > > Some people have a natural inclination and get to bypass a lot of the steps. Doesn't look like you're one of those people. Therefore, you're gonna have to put in some effort before you can make _cool stuff_. > > Need a starting place? [This](http://vanmall.deviantart.com/art/Basics-of-Pixel-Art-312464865?q=gallery%3Avanmall%2F10198081&qo=0) is decent. Google is your friend. I think you were the most helpful.
  5. > the base thing is more of just a reaistic storage, unlike pokemon. > > it is kinda like a pet system though. Like gathering NPCs into a party?
  6. > something where a player can make a custom base to keep more creatures than can follow. but most importantly a good storyline. Sounds sort of like a pet system.
  7. Sunku

    Improving Pixels

    > I'll give some advice. > > For one the palette is fugly. Look up hue-shifting, it will help make things look better. > > The shading on the sword makes it look like a brick on a stick, because the highlight is to the far left of the blade, and the shadow is at the far right. Instead try putting the shadow down the middle, with a brighter strip on the right and keep the highlight on the left but extending to the tip of the blade. > > The apple isnt bad, but I would bring the highlight more towards the right and make it bigger with possibly one speck of highlight near it (has a nice effect). > > Also, outlines can improve these but dont use black. Pick slightly darker colors than the shadows. The sprite in particular would benefit from an outline because it looks washed out. Changing the palette will help here too. > > The sprites dimensions are off in several places. The shoulders are too wide. The elbows shouldnt be visible from the front. And the feet are spread outwards too much. Do an experiment and stand up normally. You should notice that your feet are more parallel with your line of sight if youre looking straight ahead. > > Hope that helps. It does, mostly. > My advice for everyfuckingbody around here is that just because you are working with a 2D engine does not mean you automatically must aspire to be good at pixelart. Because you will not and it is not worth it aspiring for. > > Just because there are some good pixelartists here, just because the general trend of "indie games" is using pixelart, does not mean that you have to do it. It just turn you into yet another retro wannabe. If you feel that you ducking have to do graphics (it would also be worth considering if it actually is something you feel comfortable not only doing but also showing to people after you do it) how about not being a mindless drone and try something new? > > This forum is filled with subpar or downright horrible "pixelart" to the point where adressing single threads in showoff is a waste of time, because they all lack the same thing - and that would be talent. So, dear reader… ducking stop. Pixelart is not for everyone, and if it's not for you, that's fine. Maybe there's something different you can do with your free time. I'm not improving pixel art most for Eclipse, just so I can make cool stuff with it.
  8. > I've got two versions for you: > > ![](http://services.glaciate.net/file_host/host/84edb00a33bbff5cc5526297b687c4f0.png)4 > > ![](http://services.glaciate.net/file_host/host/0c23e2777d2706c0de2846dce8a4dd14.png) > > Personally I like the second one - it links the two words much better. It's also worth bearing in mind that the "Atomix" bit looks a bit weird because of the 'chewed' metal - on the high resolution copy it looks fine. If it's really a problem at lower resolutions, I should be able to fix it. In fact, this resolution doesn't so it justice in the slightest really.. I may have messed up a bit there. It should have a carbon-fibre type texture on it, but it's just merged into a gradient. > > I'm also contemplating trying to lighten up the "Atomix" bit. I think it might be too dark, but that's really just personal preference. Let me know what you think. > > I think I might have another crack at this, I've subsequently found some areas I'd change. Consider these a first draft; just pick a layout. ![;)](http://www.touchofdeathforums.com/community/public/style_emoticons//wink.png) I'd love to use these! They're awesome, nice work. But, if you want to you can lighten up some colors and fix some things and then show me. All I've gotta say is good job! > Here's another version Tahnner: > > ![](http://services.glaciate.net/file_host/host/3250ab5d747d78703888e06857fd5d94.png) Nice! I love how they all turned out!
  9. > Budweiser, I'll have you know that I have taken several college courses on advanced essay writing, and for a time pursued a career as a professional writer. I have won writing contests here on the Eclipse website, and my current job mostly consists of writing. Having a highly developed vocabulary that I am comfortable with using is simply a fact of life. I've always wanted a 'developed' way of typing in words. In fact at this point I can say that you're a true idol of mine when it comes to writing. On-topic: Pretty much read all of it and still thinking over a response.. Heh ![:huh:](http://www.touchofdeathforums.com/community/public/style_emoticons//huh.png)
  10. > I've provisionally (i.e. awaiting feedback) finished Wouterdemoor's logo, so I'll be starting on yours this evening (assuming I don't have to make some changes). Just want to check you're still happy with the current design specs: > > -"Atomix Design" > > -Neon green and dark orange > > -"Atomix" section post-apocalypse, "Design" section futuristic/slick. I'm still happy with what is there. Can't wait to see it done.
  11. > Do the community want it? I'd like to see it done, I'd probably duck around with that more.
  12. Sunku

    Improving Pixels

    Updated OP with a sprite. I'd like some comments on how they look and what I can improve.
  13. It was created with the intention of being an MMORPG(more of a MORPG) Engine. If you came to this site, I'd think you'd be wanting to make an MORPG. Anyway more on topic and less of being an arsehole, I think it'd be an interesting thing to see.
  14. l help with mapping. I'm sure you'll want an example map so if you want something specific send me the tiles you want me to use, that is if you would like to speak to me about it.
  15. > Just to update people: I'm still working on Wouterdemoor's logo. I'm in the middle of my exams at the moment, so I don't have much time to spend on this. > > Rest assured I will get around to all of them eventually. Apart from those who messed me about (see edits). We can wait for it Syn, or I can. I'm actually really excited to see how my logo will look.
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