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Eclipse Evolution 2.7 download


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Hey, I don't know if anyone is still active on these forums. I just found an old backup of my game from 2009 on CD and wanted to check it out with an old friend. He and I made this game while we were 14.

The complete Client folder is still there, but I never copied the server folder to CD. I even managet to get the client starting and I believe (taking into consideration the folders within the client folder) that I should get the game working with any 2.7 server. But I cant find ANY download of EE2.7 online. 

So if anyone still has a working link or could upload the server folder of EE2.7, I would be very grateful. Maybe I can get this game working one last time 😄 Just for a trip down memory lane. You would make me and my friend very happy.


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