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  1. Hey, I don't know if anyone is still active on these forums. I just found an old backup of my game from 2009 on CD and wanted to check it out with an old friend. He and I made this game while we were 14. The complete Client folder is still there, but I never copied the server folder to CD. I even managet to get the client starting and I believe (taking into consideration the folders within the client folder) that I should get the game working with any 2.7 server. But I cant find ANY download of EE2.7 online. So if anyone still has a working link or could upload the server folder of EE2.7, I would be very grateful. Maybe I can get this game working one last time đŸ˜„ Just for a trip down memory lane. You would make me and my friend very happy. Thanks.
  2. This is how it looks ingame. The slight white border you can see around the axe is because of the transparency problems with paint… I tried to fix it manually but it doesnt work really well. As soon as I open a graphic for the first time in paint it looses its transparency and gains somethind like a white shadow (or whatever color I use as background). Editing the axe I tried to fix the border by editing single pixels and restoring a one color background. Then I replaced the color with transparency using EO Toolkit 2.0\. The result is not that good and its a lot of work and I am sure there is a easier way. Graphic editing just isn't really something I'm good at so I'm unable to find this easy method. I also added an Image to show this "white border". Thanks so far for the help!
  3. Alright, I wil try paint.net. So far I'm using the usual paint. I have a problem, maybe you can help me solve it. 2 to be precise. First: When editing paperdolls i have no problems creating the front and right sight of the charakter, but if I create the left side i don't know how to hide the weapon behind the character. It looks like he has changed the hand he is wielding the weapon. Looks terrible. Any smart ideas to solve this? Second: Recently I'm editing animations. I have a problem that the transperency of the .png files vanishes as soon as I edit the files in paint to fix the size and other format changes. Any ideas how to solve this? :D So far thanks a lot for your help and answer! Sry for my bad english, I am a native german speaker :/
  4. Hello there, I'm looking for a Paperdoll Sheet fitting on RMXP Chars, i really need Weapons. I've seached the whole forum, but since all links to touchofdeath are out of order there is really nothing to find… It would be a great help to receive a pack! Im using EO 4.0. Thanks so far!
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