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Underwater Game

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Just a few underwater scenes for a game I'm working on (I'm not comfortable announcing it yet, just want feedback on the scenes).

>! Screenshots
>! ![](https://puu.sh/uEV2i/4a23857403.jpg)
>! ![](https://puu.sh/uEVLD/b5d539fbcb.jpg)
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As a scuba diver, I'd say that it's important to note that the deeper you go, you start to lose colours. If you google it, you can get a better idea of how to maybe tweak some shaders to accommodate a more realistic feel based off of this information.

Realism aside, though, it looks very interesting. I'd be interested in seeing more later.
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If I remember right, the water blocks certain colors from reaching lower depths causing use to see less color and more black and white.

The comment about the ruins was more, is there a story about how ti got there? If yes then cool, if no then you might not want it. It might look cool but needs a reason to how it got there.
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