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  1. @-Aero-: > You don't have to tell me, I look like a douchebag in that picture. I knew you were a wanker. I hadn't thought it would be this bad, though.
  2. Chief

    New Eclipse Admin

    Get back on MSN, you toad.
  3. @Scootaloo: > There's a catch though: > Every time a Legend, **Moderator**, Admin or ]Marsh {or Admiral Refuge} posts, you have to restart! O RLY? There is no distinguish being mentioned between it being a global moderator or not, therefore I fall into this category.
  4. Chief

    Dead Society

    @Keebler: > …I thought that was their passive ability. Right after I wrote that, I realized how quote-worthy it was. I am glad to see you thought so as well.
  5. Chief

    Dead Society

    The one thing I don't understand is the obsession with post-apocolyptic styling in zombie games. You think zombies eat bricks? What if the game takes place soon after it started? Buildings don't simply fall over in the presence of the undead.
  6. No, but Moderators count too, and I am the Moderator for the websites section. 0.
  7. … I expect some warnings being handed out here soon. Have you read the rules?
  8. @Harris: > You spelt 166 wrong. You spelled "spelled" wrong. 2.
  9. @Likestodraw: > 2\. The snowman to player ratio is very messed up. Fix it. Theres also no such thing as a slime. Your logic makes no sense, there. The ratio doesn't need to be realistic, its a fantasy game.
  10. I still think you have a broom handle up your arse, Soul. 4.
  11. I can finally, legitimately, zero in this game. 0.
  12. I actually count as staff, for real this time. 2.
  13. Too many colours, you could really shave a few of and achieve the same look. Also, drop-shadow? Why? It ruins any work you put into this… To everyone else: he is using a style called "long pixels" Indeed, its not another form of pixels, but its a different way of laying them out.
  14. @Ryoku: > congrats your 11 days younger than me =D Congrats, you shove cocktail shrimp up your butt. high five!
  15. Chief

    Game map

    Aye, nothing is wrong with it, but nothing is right about it either. Its just too… bleh.
  16. Chief

    Game map

    … eff is your problem? feedbacks is not a word, its "feedback" without the "s"
  17. Chief

    Game map

    There is no "s" in feedback.
  18. Chief

    Azurmia Logo

    @daxterxx: > I think your reading the wrong license. Im not de-compiling, selling, or even using the rtp. The engine licnese says that "you" (as the user) are allowed to used and distribute any resources, graphics, or media with the games engine, for commercial or non comercial use. That is simply what im doing. Wrong once again. The engine license states that you are allowed to distribute a game, made only with RPG Maker, not their resources and images. The RTP is the graphics and any other files that the engine comes with. You are only allowed to distribute these with an RPG Maker project. Any use of said files outside of RPG Maker is a violation of their license. Don't even attempt an argument, son. I was using RPG Maker before you could count to potato. I know the ins and outs of their licensing.
  19. Chief

    Azurmia Logo

    @daxterxx: > im entitled to use anything i wish from rpgmaker vx From their license: "2\. Licensee shall not reverse engineer, de-compile, or disassemble the RTP SOFTWARE. Further, Licensee shall not sell, distribute, assign, lease, sublicense, encumber, or otherwise transfer the RTP SOFTWARE and/or its data without any prior written consent of ENTERBRAIN." You're wrong. Have you even read their licensing?
  20. @ZeroX8: > I don't have Photoshop because it sucks lol'd
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