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  1. > Well I found the one for 2.0, but there is no link to the source =( Does anyone happen to have that source so I can dig through it and maybe get it working for what I need? Looks like the source code was attached to [this topic](http://www.touchofdeathforums.com/community/index.php?/topic/119140-eo-20-account-editor/), and attachments have not yet been ported over to the new forums. I think Marsh is working on it though.
  2. ``` Sub HandleGiveCurrency(ByVal index As Long, ByRef Data() As Byte, ByVal StartAddr As Long, ByVal ExtraVar As Long) Dim buffer As clsBuffer Dim itemnum As Long Dim amount As Long Set buffer = New clsBuffer buffer.WriteBytes Data() amount = Buffer.ReadLong '
  3. > They're both IPs, however since not every computer supports the latter one(IPv6) it is recommended to use the first one(IPv4) for the time being. In addition, Eclipse does not support IPv6, so definitely use the first one.
  4. Can you post your MapRec (Private Type MapRec) for both the client and server here?
  5. > IDE? IDE = Integrated Development Environment. In Eclipse's case, VB6.
  6. > This error starts when i changed max_map_npc to 100 from 50 Depending on what version of Eclipse you are using and what mods you have installed, you might have to delete all maps when you change the MAX_MAP_NPCs. But in order to pinpoint the issue, you should probably follow Erwin's advice: > ![](http://www.touchofdeathforums.com/community/ccs_files/file_host/741bd6b49d0faabe5827b0b20f5dc4be.JPG)
  7. @daxterxx: > Either that or make sure your runtime files are in order. Runtime files are unrelated to issues with the VB6 compiler.
  8. @Joyce: > (Also note that the maximum value of a Byte is 255, make it a long if you need more than 255 maps ;]) MAX_MAPS (and most other maximums) are declared as a long by default, all he has to do is change the number and compile.
  9. Install VB6 SP6 and then redownload your source code, or do what Joyce said. VB6 SP6 is probably easier, [check out Step 3 of this guide](http://www.touchofdeathforums.com/smf2/index.php/topic,68399.msg736833.html#msg736833).
  10. Check [this tutorial](http://www.touchofdeathforums.com/smf2/index.php/topic,68906.0.html).
  11. @Dawntide: > Can i do it like this?: > > ``` > Dim str As String > Dim num As Integer > > str = txtPrice.text > num = val(str) > ``` > thanks in advance! Yeah, or you could just do: ``` Item(EditorIndex).Price = Val(txtPrice.text) ```
  12. @Dawntide: > But how to use the number in the textbox. I mean when i use > > ``` > If EditorIndex = 0 Or EditorIndex > MAX_ITEMS Then Exit Sub > lblPrice.Caption = "Price: " & txtPrice.Text > Item(EditorIndex).Price = txtPrice.text > ``` > what happens if i type letters in it? i do not know how to do it. > > And how exactly change limit of all the stats Use Val(x) to convert the string to an integer. It will ignore letters (so Val("ABC") = 0).
  13. @Dawntide: > And how to change the max price? Because scrollbar is limited to 32676 and i want 999.999.999. You'd have to change it in to a textbox instead and parse the results yourself.
  14. Install VB6 SP6 (detailed in the 'TUTORIALS' tab up top, 'Installing VB6'). Then redownload the source code.
  15. Use a 'Warp' tile to warp yourself to another map. Then edit that map to make it a shop.
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