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  1. Lol.. Robins Amazing Package has given me a dilemma. Purchase his package.. Or pay rent.. =p Leaning towards his package.. ;) EDIT: Jesus christ Robin how big is your family?! I could take my extended family out to dinner for that amount! =/
  2. @Robin: > Those forum icons are faaar too big.
  3. **Oh my.** The neon red hurts. Just so ya know.. Font needs to be more readable. Too blah. Use your own layout son, don't gotta use the same template.
  4. MW2 is by far my favorite shooter in existence. Unfortunately I had to sell my copy to pay for bills awhile back, but if anyone wants to sell me a working copy for cheap, let me know! =D
  5. Just because it is perhaps one of the more genius ideas you've ever come up with whilst being intoxicated.. I will definitely donate. Let me go throw this paycheck into the bank, donate later today. ;p And yes, I want the picture.
  6. Another possible addition to this would be the ability to create new accounts based on the information entered, instead of opening, and saving a current account.
  7. Flaw

    Support Eclipse!!!

    @Jungletoeâ„¢: > Nice friend :renzo: I try =p
  8. Flaw

    Sig for my Game

    I like the second new one.
  9. Flaw

    Support Eclipse!!!

    Lmao. I should have expected as much from you, Robin =p
  10. Flaw

    Support Eclipse!!!

    Lmao. Unfortunately, I highly doubt she knows what Eclipse is. (for shame) I just found it mildly amusing when browsing my facebook =p
  11. Flaw

    Support Eclipse!!!

    One of my friends, supporting Eclipse ;p ![](http://img337.imageshack.us/img337/5433/supporteclipse.jpg) EDIT: If you don't get it, leave.
  12. @Marsh: > Afro samuri xD The Phantom Menace.
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