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  1. Wow Mohenjo looking Awesome can't wait for the GUI Overhaul
  2. Awesome Updates man, Can't wait to see the end result any idea when it will be up for download?
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QVBmVFGKjWw :shy:
  4. Hello, Does anyone know of a Quality Pixel Art Editor? that's Free… I'm looking to find a Editor that has Live Playback so i can see how it animates as i draw it any Suggestions would be Appreciated :P
  5. What Art Style would one Consider this? Just Curious :) Btw Good Luck! Looks Great Love the Art!
  6. Looking for a Programmer Willing to Pay… I need A Day/Night System Implemented into Eclipse Final Frontier, Dynamic Lights, Guns System, Book For Lore System, and a Global Bug Fix for any bugs found... Please Name Your Prices.. Incase your Wondering.. I'm Developing a Zombie ORPG :)
  7. Does anyone have a Copy of EVB Or Seb Engine Source Engine?
  8. me want too mohenjo :D
  9. I've tried to login on 5 different engines that i'm hosting i cannot.. The Servers work fine.. the problems seems to be when logging in.. it let me register new accounts fine what is causing this? and how can i fix it it's very annoying i can't login in my own game lol…
  10. would it be hard to change the skywyre primitive screen and gui format to the old one? like Seb engine's format?
  11. http://prntscr.com/9rsmxq For some odd reason.. When ever the NPC attacks me they stop moving and attacking and i get a Subscript out of range.. Keep in mind… I can still move the Character and the Clock still ticks... but i cannot attack them anymore -Update- NPC hits me about 2-3 Times before the Error occurs What's Causing this?
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