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  1. Thanks! Also, I've only been on like three times since the ban, and to be honest it was probably a good thing I didn't spend an hour chatting away in the shoutbox. I'd never have gotten a job.
  2. This seems entirely pointless, you're just devolving the current engine into a worse one. Now, if you really want to make waves, you want to remove the multiplayer aspect altogether, create a turn-based strategy game (a square tiled-based civ type game) then replace the multiplayer system with a 2-50 lobby system using peer-to-peer to stabilise the connection. You could add custom graphics support that gets distributed like a private torrent amongst all players before the game begins, so players can create and share their races/unit/building skins. Now that, that I would want to see. I'd love to have an entire world map to play turn-based strategy in, you could literally play for days per game if this was done correctly.
  3. You could have explained that a bit better Matthew. What he means is: The engine automatically chooses whatever colour is in the top 32x32 square and then marks it as the transparent colour, check your tilesets to make sure the 32x32 colour is the colour you want to go transparent. Edit: I just realised you said .bmp? I don't think the .bmp format supports transparent colours. Use .png for your graphics.
  4. I had a one week long ban from the shoutbox about 2 months ago that has yet to be lifted. **Can I get a hug?** ![](http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_1A716u_X02Q/TJmSkvn3XoI/AAAAAAAAAUQ/_T4eaMgcW6k/s400/hug+me.jpg)
  5. *stare*~ Dog used an (as my black friend would say) excape rope!
  6. Solstice

    New GUI ingame?

    Thanks for indirectly helping me ertzel. ;D
  7. So does this have a day/night system? Because when I was fiddling around I noticed some options that would suggest there is. To add onto that is there also a lighting system, or is it not that complicated?
  8. Have you considered posting on rpgmaker communities? The pixel artists don't need to know that the project isn't on rpgmaker. PLENTY of bored artists/composers over on the rpgmakernet and rpgmakervx.net websites.
  9. If I were to replace the .png for the cursor with an animated .gif, I'm assuming that the system won't recognise it?
  10. So if I were to ONLY spend points in speed, even at max level I'd still be classified as a ranger? Also, will you offer multiple trees for specialist combat? Like elemental/control/shadow/holy for mages. shield/onehanded/greatsword/hammer/axe for warriors. knives/bows/thrown/swords for rangers?
  11. Are you really reviving this?
  12. I believe what he actually wanted to know was what the set sizes were for paperdolls items. The answer for this is that the limit to the size of a paperdolled item, is the limited of the sprite size in the engine you're working on. Typically the default is 32 pixels in width by 64 pixels in height. This means you can place the item anywhere in here that you would like to place the item and it will appear in the same spot on the character or monster. Reference the existing paperdolls and examine the placement of the sprites in relation to the items, and you'll see that they are typically placed where the hands or corresponding body parts are.
  13. Solstice

    New GUI ingame?

    Oh my god really? Your questions have been answered in all their conceptions and you're still asking the same question. To change JUST THE IMAGE, replace the images in the eclipse/data/graphics/gui menu. To CHANGE THE LAYOUT, move the objects in the form in your vb6 IDE. To ADD A CLOCK, add a timer and copy the code someone posted above into the timer object. In total seriousness and not meaning to be rude, I think you need to visit one of the foreign boards, or work on your English skills, to prevent future misunderstandings.
  14. Hot damn, that's sexy. I'll get right on doing my own one ;D
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