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  1. Jeff

    Custom Hat

    Workmanship is pretty shoddy.
  2. Jeff

    Logo Needed

    > Not exactly what I'm looking for, but I really appreciate the effort. Holy shit that just happened… And then you took Syn's logo... Next time you should for sure be more specific, and then if you get something you don't like provide more constructive feedback like "Looks good, but I don't like the black in it" or "Can you add a gear somewhere?"
  3. > Blá blá blá…Make better. > > 1 - Centralize Eclipse and it will be ugly. You know nothing about design; > > 2 - The text beside the boxes follows the standard design, you probably did not open on DPIs enough to see them right, I indicate download the image or replace your video card. Or maybe your Eye... > > 3 - Weight? all the weight of the image is on the left side, you need a scale? I have one; > > 4 - There is no transparency, the box is leaked, you need glasses and study design maybe; > > 5 - Not there are shadows, I said, your eyes or your video card; > > Make something better and then say something, or perhaps study as much as I to give his view about things. 1) I maintain my opinion, and I disagree about my lack of design knowledge. It's hard to say which one is better without a picture, why not post one to shut me up about it ![;)](http://www.touchofdeathforums.com/community/public/style_emoticons//wink.png) 2) The standard design sadly does not allow text to be easily readable at that size, at least at my resolution(1920x1080 px) 3)Now I see why you put weight on the top right corner, but honestly I don't think that's the best choice. Why not add more wisps to the right side instead of the picture instead of just the top right corner 4)There is transparency. You can see the picture behind the box, but it's not completely opaque. I don't know what the box is leaked means, so I might just be confused there. 5)When I said shadow thing I meant the bevel. I'm trying to offer advice, not to undermine your whole GUI. It's your choice to listen to it, obviously. you can insult my eyes and design skills all you want but it doesn't make it true. I'm confident about my opinions and I maintain the hope that you will listen to them. I would make a GUI if I wanted to, but Eclipse is not very relevant to my life anymore and spending 5+ hours designing a GUI for it would not be something enjoyable for me. While I like design, my time designing stuff would much better be used on the projects I'm currently working on. If you'd like, I can provide some pictures of art/design pieces I've made recently, obviously through form of private message and not in this thread.
  4. > All right. That drawing is beautiful, but the GUI looks a little amateurish. First, the 'Eclipse++' text isn't centered very well, even though it appears to be centered the + signs don't have as much visual interest as the rest of the text does. Honestly if you make cooler plus signs it'd probably look better. Also, the text next to the check boxes doesn't look very good, it's too small for that font. Try making it solid color, or even changing fonts altogether. Even the username and password boxes don't look as good as they should because of the font. Why does the top right corner's border have more weight than the rest of the borders? The bevel on the main window also doesn't look very good, generally bevels don't though. Honestly the whole main window doesn't look very good, the font is really boxy while the window is round. The 80% or so white opacity doesn't look too good either, really. Maybe try a purple border around the main window, like the border around the text? The shadow thing looks pretty incongruous. Hope to see some updates.
  5. Jeff

    My Pixel Art

    > ![](http://www.pixeljoint.com/files/icons/full/cryingdemon.png) Sweet lord that is so sexy. > I can honestly say that you're in the top ~~10~~ 5 artists to ever visit these forums. I was really impressed. For sure, his work is almost as good as slym's!
  6. > Here is my updated in-game UI so far. ANy suggestions? Especially suggestions on what elements to add in would be helpful. I don't really know what Eclipse generally has. > > [http://localhostr.co…llhs/mediUI.png](http://localhostr.com/file/Le6cDkEQllhs/mediUI.png) It looks great, but the text on the menus is hard to read. I would lighten the color of the backgrounds to the menus.
  7. I like it better, than your other style with shading, but the lines need work. They're a little bit crooked/jagged, espeicially the jaw line and hair.
  8. All the berries should take longer to plant, and corn should take less long(if we want to go for realism). Corn's pretty easy to plant, but berries you typically have to transplant, although we probably won't deal with that it'd be good to make a nod to it. It will also add strategy and decrease the linearness of the progression, as it is the time to plant, time until harvest, and coins gained are all pretty linear. This leads to very few possible strategy. We'll talk on skype if I can remember my password :| Also, still no sprite updates, sorry guys. I know, I'm terrible, etc etc. It's been a busy week but now it's spring break so no reason for me not to get some work done.
  9. The shading of the tree makes no sense, light is supposed to come from above(where the sun is). Also, your palette needs some hue shifting; make darker colors more blue and less saturated
  10. The wrinkled paper looks ugly
  11. > looking good but try to add more details to it, like flower etc. i only see 4 different colors. colors makes thing awesome ! details are dumb. Vast expanses of perfectly executed simplicity… that is something awesome.
  12. > I think you guys are getting WAY too ahead of yourselves…slow down a bit! Well, in a few months(or however long it takes for us to finish the game), these people who have signed up may have lost interest in this game. When we pm them(or email or whatever), they'll see it and check it out. It wasn't my idea, but I don't think it's really a bad one. player sprite is arduous. Everyone's waiting on me, and I had to do a lot of homework. I had a frame down, but I decided to scrap it to make something a little different.
  13. You have too many straight edges, in your cliffs and in your tall grass. Paint them on using the main tile, then go back and add borders. It will look way more natural. Next, terrace your cliffs. [Mr.mrsean's map](http://www.touchofdeathforums.com/community/index.php?/topic/132373-long-time-no-map/) has a good example of terracing. Now look at your trees' placement. They're kind of just placed in an even screen over the map, right? This is bad. Trees grow where the most moisture is, and they usually don't grow alone. They grow in patches of many trees. Finally, get rid of the clouds in your encampment map and decrease the clutter all around. If you use tall grass and cliffs correctly, you won't need so many little plants.
  14. Fantastic use of terracing, now just add some more shrubs/rocks to it and you'll be golden!
  15. Looks awesome, but I'd desaturate the green grass a little if I were you. Maybe make it a touch lighter too.
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