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Lost and 2D - Looking for Content Creators!

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Greetings Everyone!

We're looking for a few good men, or women, to help us craft Lost and 2D.

We've recently been Greenlit on Steam and we are furiously tackling bugs and adding features that we're excited about, but we need help in creating content.  Including but not limited to Mapping, Dialogue, Events, etc.  Graphics are for everything already exist, but the content needs to be designed and tested.

If you're interested in joining our team, I'd love to hear from you!  You can send me a private message here if you'd like!

I'll post more detail a little later, but rest assured Lost and 2D brings a breath of fresh air to Eclipse style games, and we hope to do the engine justice!  We've seen how well Life Forge and O-Rake are doing on Steam, and we hope to challenge those games to see who can create the best Eclipse experience!

The positions are 'unpaid' as we're all indies with full-time careers, however a profit sharing program is available to team members, to be discussed.

Obligatory screenshots!



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My name is Erik and im from Argentina. Obviously my native language is Spanish, I respond to your theme with the reason of offering you my service as a content creator for Spanish players I do not know if you have a forum, but if so, you could create a multilanguage section. I speak both Spanish and Portuguese.

Maybe I will help you a lot, even could create a patch in Spanish of the translation of the game, clearly I will be in charge of translating without problems. This will make people who do not know English can play the game in a comfortable way.

I will take care of helping the Spanish and Portuguese players to adapt in the game, you simply have to give me the tools (a support forum in Spanish and others)


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Looking for someone to create maps (no content or story, just maps). Willing to pay a nominal fee ($) for each map or a flat rate for a bulk amount. ($2.50 per map - paid as each map is map is completed - price negotiable if you're good at what you do) Looking for someone to start ASAP, must be extremely familiar with Eclipse mapping and be a skilled mapper (sample screenshots required). Reply here! Needed ASAP.
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Just an update.

I've swapped from using the High Fantasy style to Celianna's tilesets (ended up purchasing the commercial license for all of her artwork) all of the character models and paperdolls come from Game Character Hub on Steam at the moment until I can find an artist to create paperdolls, hairs, sprites for a good price.

I've added some neat features.

A new social window allows you to create chat channels for your friends or team similar to IRC, you can also view player profiles and a lot of statistic tracking for profiles. The social window also allows you to manage or join guilds, and view leaderboards for top 100 players in various categories. The game also has a fully functional mail system where you can send mail along with item attachments to offline players, which will also be how auctions from the new auction house will reward players.

Anyway here are some screenshots!

![alt text](http://www.lostand2d.com/images/L2D1.png)

![alt text](http://www.lostand2d.com/images/L2D2.png)

![alt text](http://www.lostand2d.com/images/L2D3.png)
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