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Local storage warehouse suggestion


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I have this idea and it is to make an option for 2 separate types of warehouses.
1 warehouse is just the normal worldwide account warehouse and the second one is for consumables so that a refrigerator can be placed on a map and anyone on the map where the particular refrigerator is can place food or ingredients in and also take them out, take out 1 at a time not whole stack.
This can be great for family homes and even guild houses to be able to share food and prepare meals together.
Some ideas for this can be in order to access refrigerator the person accessing it must be have house key in their inventory if it is too hard to make the storage be for anyone on the particular map. so the house key will not only work for accessing the house but also for that particular refrigerator. I will update this thread if i think of more details
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Alright, so here's my idea for adding this to ER:

Local Storage:
Think of this as a crate that anyone can open and see what is inside. I will see the same thing you see; and if I take something out, you will see that. As with a chest, some have locks, so there will be an option (in the editor) to require a certain item to open it.

Local storage will have an editor and there will be a new map attribute as well as event action to open them. This will allow you to make a "world wide" for your warehouses. You click the map attribute and choose which local storage will be linked to that spot. So a house's refrigerator will only have 1 location you can open it from.

Local storage will also have a custom number of slots you choose in the editor allowing for quick size change (I will probably have to have a max number of slots, though).

There will also be a storage type: Cold, Consumable, etc. that items will have the options for so some things can only be stored in certain containers.

* * *

* * *

I think I said all of what I was thinking about it/covered all my thoughts on it.
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