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  1. ok cool then, it's a great idea
  2. that would be annoying if the shadow moves so fast like that all the time even while you are being still, not realistic at all for a shadow to do that
  3. Spiked Wooden Club (item and paperdoll) ![0_1513851851964_mace5.png](/assets/uploads/files/1513851852934-mace5.png) ![0_1513851866073_wooden club.png](/assets/uploads/files/1513851867047-wooden-club.png)
  4. Spiked Mace (item and paperdoll) ![0_1513850414856_mace4.png](/assets/uploads/files/1513850415959-mace4.png) ![0_1513850490169_spiked mace.png](/assets/uploads/files/1513850491329-spiked-mace.png)
  5. Potted Plants ![0_1513848576220_plants2.png](/assets/uploads/files/1513848577428-plants2.png)
  6. flowers ![0_1513838169510_plants1.png](/assets/uploads/files/1513838170612-plants1.png)
  7. Thread Palm Tree ![0_1513831884267_thread_palm.png](/assets/uploads/files/1513831885503-thread_palm.png)
  8. willow tree bunch right side view ![0_1513827689569_willowrightview.png](/assets/uploads/files/1513827691071-willowrightview.png)
  9. willow tree bunch (left side view) ![0_1513827405059_willowleftside.png](/assets/uploads/files/1513827406729-willowleftside-resized.png)
  10. willow tree bunch (back view) ![0_1513827181123_willowback.png](/assets/uploads/files/1513827182511-willowback-resized.png)
  11. willow tree bunch (front view) ![0_1513827027240_willowfront.png](/assets/uploads/files/1513827028566-willowfront-resized.png)
  12. @solidlink glad you like it, so many more coming too. we gotta change how the graphics in these 2D games are looking.
  13. Foxtail Palm tree (4 views) ![0_1513826429014_foxtail palm tree.png](/assets/uploads/files/1513826430069-foxtail-palm-tree.png)
  14. ![0_1513733055796_spider.png](/assets/uploads/files/1513733057639-spider.png) ![0_1513733066123_blackwidow.png](/assets/uploads/files/1513733067817-blackwidow.png) ![0_1513733085425_deer.png](/assets/uploads/files/1513733087262-deer.png) ![0_1513733098758_tiger.png](/assets/uploads/files/1513733100482-tiger.png) ![0_1513733108772_yellow hornet.png](/assets/uploads/files/1513733110588-yellow-hornet.png)
  15. pinkangel

    A deer

    actually nevermind what I said, it is AGD that its not a good idea to have all my sprites in 1 post because their forum is different and does not show what the post says before clicking on it so on that site nobody will ever know when i add more sprites to it so I may not add anymore of my sprites there because it wont get seen all in 1 post there. on this site is much better and i will make a single thread to show all my work because here you will be able to see the new sprites i add and their names.
  16. pinkangel

    A deer

    thanks solid, the only problem with making one thread is that my new sprites i make will most likely not be seen because they will no longer show the name of the sprite in the titles and nobody would really even know i made another as it will get lost in a sea of others in a thread
  17. pinkangel

    A deer

    100% my work ![0_1513621885488_deer.png](/assets/uploads/files/1513621886361-deer.png)
  18. another original creation by me :) We could all use a few varieties of spiders. Enjoy it. ![0_1513553310750_blackwidow.png](/assets/uploads/files/1513553312682-blackwidow.png)
  19. @solidlink thanks solid :)
  20. @tmoney thanks, i worked all night long on it
  21. original work, created this from a spider in blender, resized and adjusted into sprite sheet in photoshop. Feel free to use this in your games. ![0_1513502557380_spider.png](/assets/uploads/files/1513502559072-spider.png)
  22. just a lil something i made. feel free to use it or even change the color if you wish. here is the item and the paperdoll. I built the staff using blender and arranged it all in photoshop. Enjoy! :) ![0_1513291742213_candy cane staff.png](/assets/uploads/files/1513291740691-candy-cane-staff.png) ![0_1513292399849_candy cane staff paperdoll.png](/assets/uploads/files/1513292398768-candy-cane-staff-paperdoll.png)
  23. pinkangel


    I made some snow and sharing it with everyone, it goes under fog. Enjoy :) https://imgur.com/M0RZ3GG
  24. @solidlink I will find out how much I can get these decks printed for
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