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  1. in my experience nothing is done and if it is then it must suck :)
  2. All I want for Christmas is my Eclipse++ ;)
  3. @Timmah: > @Lam3r: > > > Not worth it… GoDaddy (who is rather expensive for webhosting/domain hosting) still gives you 150Gb of space - 1,500 GB Transfer - 500 email accounts - 25 MYSQL databases for only $7.00/month... > > > > hmm... > > Depends. Maybe someone doesn't want 25 SQL servers. :/ Welcome to the internet. Databases not servers and no you can't host your server on ether of them since its Linux and VB6 is windows only.
  4. Ahh so were all dumb ;). That is to bad I would die for such feature I mean whats the biggest issue everyone has? It would be memory management and mainly with the tiles causing so much memory usage. With DX9 and PNG support that is a thing of the past. No more 10 tiles hello 50 tiles lol
  5. I hear so much about DX8 as a future for many peoples projects but as someone starting out its sort of odd hearing a lot of good features but not any code spilled out for everyone to add to there game. I mean alpha blending and the png support sounded like the biggest features but there is lots also over time. But things like stability and speed aka faster smoother? So much I would like to know but I maybe to newb to do it my self at this point. Thanks, Kane
  6. your prob having scripting issues. Does this happen on the new stable with no old stuff accepted the exe I made ya? if not then its in ur scripts and ur on your own there :(
  7. hehe glad you got it working.
  8. Thanks done very easy to packetsniff but it gets ride of kids anyways
  9. To blury too bright and too geocities button?
  10. I failed at this was never able to get this fully functioning.
  11. wow that is amazing how did you do that what program? Good work by the way sounds great.
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