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  1. ![](https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/67149765/Nin%20Online/Facebook%20Cover.png) **Introduction** We are looking for skilled individuals that are willing to dedicate themselves in getting better and working on astounding projects at an indie level. While we want people who are talented and experienced, something that is so much more important is dedication and passion, so don't hesitate if you have these characteristics. We believe in making games for fun and getting better over making a paycheck since you know only good people make it in the industry or corporations with lots of money to throw. _This game is commercial and aimed at making money. We eventually plan to go through **Steam Greenlight** and possibly **Kickstarter** to fund a more sophisticated engine._ **Concept** **Nin Online** is a 2-D MMORPG, set in a universe inspired by **Naruto**. The game takes place in an **original timeline**, where the players define the story of the world. You play as your own alter ego, choosing your own path as a ninja. You start as an **Academy Student** in the village of your choice and train to become a powerful Ninja. You can participate in events such as Kage Elections, Diplomatic meetings, Wars, **Chunnin Exams** and more. **Community** is the focus of the game. We will build systems which integrate the community, while still creating a fun and **diverse PvP environment** where you will be facing all kinds of enemy ninjas, from conflicts between organisations, conflicts between different villages, to conflicts between random enemy ninjas while travelling the world. Every player will have a background story, and it will go down in the history of **Nin Online**. To emphasise the importance of community, we have spent countless hours building a large world filled with **leisure** areas to chill with your friends, and places to **explore** with your team, and we will continue to build it as we progress further into development. **Previews** These are some video examples of what the game has to offer so far! https://youtu.be/X8Ms8KYWVhI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DydAgiIkdCs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G-J_rIpTfxQ _The game is still in alpha, we're aware that a lot of polish needs to go through still to make it a truly awesome game._ **Positions** If your position is not listed you may still apply. We're always looking for more talented people to work with, but our standards for you will be higher than a position we desperately need. * One programmer that excels in HTML, CSS, and PHP. You will be responsible for the website programming and must be able to do WordPress and Invision Power Board including combining the two together/turning a PSD into a theme. * One programmer that can work in **Unity** game engine. * One Shout-caster/video editor that can make **YouTube **videos that demonstrate previews, trailers, and livestreams. You must be able to use **Twitch **and dissect highlights as well as get footage from players to make appealing content. Preferably able to voice videos or cover live stream events such as the **Chunnin Exam**. * One 2D Pixel Artist able to learn our game's art style and create in-game content such as Tilesets, Items, Jutsus and Mobs. You will work closely with **Rory **to create a vibrant & immersive world for the players. **Benefits** * You can expand your portfolio as a game developer to get your foot into the door. * Not professional game developers, but we listen and learn from our failed experiences which drive us forward so that we can get better and learn. * Work on our project daily, here to chat if you are struggling on something you are assigned, and always showing ourselves better ways to do things. * Friendly to work with, don't force you to contribute any amount of hours, and like to have fun. * You get to play the game before anyone else! **Contact** Please send me some examples of your work on **Skype **via Helladen or **Google Talk **via [email protected], or just send me a personal message here with examples of your work, but try to do the first rather than latter. Please do not spam me, or I will block you.
  2. @'TehDoug': > < 3 we all love each other here :) The love that hurts.
  3. @'Chauntecler': > You're right, you're right. I've just had some nasty experiences in the past with abusive/power crazed developers and this was a weird time to start my dive into the engine. I'll just be over in the help forum. It's fine. I can come off as a dick, but I am just being super blunt and honest. People take it as an insult. I am not biased even toward my own creations. Like, I won't lie and say my engine is the best. People always attack me, which is why I constantly am defensive.
  4. @'Chauntecler': > Well, I was coming to make my first post to get some help, considering I just grabbed the engine and was pumped by the accessibility. Few of my friends and I had a project in mind and it took some time to find an engine that we could work with. > > Sadly, this last post from a developer of the engine has made me quickly change my mind. Good luck on your future endeavours. Good luck to you, too. I offer free support and am willing to help people. You can change your mind if you wish, but when people treat me poorly for no reason - I am not going to stand by for it. I am tired of the typical human response to treat people bad just cause you disagree with them. Throughout my life, people have treated me bad. I actually defend myself online, because banning people and censoring what they say is worse in my opinion. People who base their decisions on an engine by the developer actions are not the smartest.
  5. @'Abyss': > What are you on about? You abandoned the project? And between that post and yours you updated once with some bugfixes I updated the engine for closer to 2 years. What are you rambling on about? I did around 50 releases throughout the lifetime. I am just one programmer, each programmer is better at certain things. I never focused on cosmetics and have been improving my bug fixing as of late. Stop being an asshole and actually do something instead. Even if you do something, I don't want to hear you complain. Complaining is for the weak. If you can read, I was saying I was going to do more updates. I was about to conclude the engine, but the guy above changed my mind. You see, positive people can make others positive. People like you make me quit. I get tired of all the cry babies on this website.
  6. @'BitAngel91': > Hey guys whats up, just found out recently about Eclipse World from a friend, I have not messed with any of the engines in a long time, but Eclipse worlds looks great so I decided to start messing with it and begin making Youtube Videos to help others understand it too. Hope this helps :) Thanks. :) You motivated me to update it more, I like seeing people make content to help others and don't want to be the bottleneck. Animated box makes your character shuffle the walk animation in both NPC and Class Editor.
  7. @'ghngames': > Ive always wondered if Nin was breaking some sort of copyright with naruto…. Okay so on topic, I like the trailer really makes me want to play. We use the world of Naruto without the names or characters. It is essentially a hybrid game between fan game and original game. This is the best we could do without pissing off our fanbase.
  8. @'TehDoug': > Over the years, many have come and gone, In my opinion its a gateway to easy players because there's always going to be a fan willing to play. Choose a game that once has millions of players is a easy way to getting a popular game. Start from scratch that no one knows anything about your game or clone another hugely popular game and get away with the hard work… I agree, getting a lot of players will pressure you to continue as well. Even if it is unethical, the best way to get better fast is to keep working on games and not restart 100 times. Original games that are truly awesome are hard to come by in your mind's eye. They can take years to fully realize.
  9. Yeah it is the first trailer we made. It isn't really the final one. :)
  10. @'TehDoug': > I enjoyed it, But the characters idle animations made them look like they were bouncing :o That's the intention. :P It is to display the breathing of the human body.
  11. This is the first trailer for Nin Online. We're still working on a better one though. https://youtu.be/X8Ms8KYWVhI
  12. Orion is bad. Don't use it. It is basically VB6 in VB.NET. VB.NET has a lot of improvements that were never realized in the port. There are plenty of engines farther along that use proper OO programming. Procedural programming is an old form of programming that is harder to maintain over long periods of time. https://github.com/hilts-vaughan/OpenORPG PandaCoder and Vaughan are actively working on this engine, it is the best ORPG engine that is open-source right now. If you are concerned with getting a high player count on your servers, you are obviously super inexperienced anyway. I doubt you will get those numbers. Not saying that use VB6 cause of that, but these old engines have way more features. The choice is up to you. If you know how to program really good, I suggest going C# otherwise mess around in VB6 to learn the ropes. This is what I have been doing for a long time, and I have no regrets.
  13. Melee build strength. Range build Agility. Magic build Intellect. This is for damage. HP is always Endurance. Spirit increases regen. Intellect also increases maximum MP.
  14. Helladen

    Menu UI

    I don't think a RPG menu is something you came up with. This is a layout that is very basic and commonplace in RPG Maker/Final Fantasy. Yes, I know RPG Maker is a Final Fantasy rip off RPG engine, don't correct me. My personal opinion is that, having a minimalist GUI is better than a overcomplicated one. Fable III is a prime example, the WORST menu ever designed.
  15. Speak for yourself, you are the one to always attack. I am just stating the obvious. Thread locked.
  16. I do not think I am the best programmer. I never said I was. I get help from programmers better than me all the time. It isn't about being the best programmer. Reporting is only done cause people constantly start rants and flame wars for no reason really. I just try to start conversations, people lash out and attack me for it thinking I think I got a big ego. When everytime I talk, I say I am not the best and don't think I am the best. People are just being flamers to be flamers.
  17. If you do more but bring negativity to the community, it does not justify you being worth your effort you put in. You are using one hand to help and the other hand to destroy. I try my best and put in the time I can, but you guys are just hypocrites.
  18. I made an image splitter a long time ago. You can use it if you find use for it. http://www.mediafire.com/download/ublh5yz4wcaoyce/Image_Splitter_1.1.0.zip
  19. Unity is far harder to use. That is just bad advice. People start with engines like RPG Maker or Starcraft 2 map editor. They don't start with Unity. Visual Basic 6 runs better than .NET, if it had threading and updated IDE, it would be a better language. Microsoft decided to drop VB6 cause it was hard to maintain, it wasn't that the compiler sucked. If you seen what I have done with the language, I use both .NET and VB6 extensively, it is pretty dumb to say VB6 is not considered a programming language. It is used by businesses still to this day, because .NET is not a good language to switch it. Sure, VB6 sucks in its own right, in more than I stated, but it has some good points to it still.
  20. I am working on releasing a game and bringing what I learned back to the engine. My engine may not be the best looking, but it will be the best soon enough. More updates will come in the coming weeks.
  21. Redownload the source and add the clsBuffer right when the source loads. Close out the source and do not save. Reopen source and should work fine.
  22. @'Sekaru': > Just coming back to laugh at yet another ignorant (and or stupid) statement. Visual Studio is one of the most bloated and messy IDEs out there. On the other hand, you don't even need to install Eclipse. > > And you wonder why people look down on you lol. Do some research. Visual Studio may be bloated and slow at loading, but if you keep it minimized and have a lot of RAM, it is no problem. Obviously, there are programmers out there better than both you and I, they choose .NET over Java. I know several programmers personally that use .NET and C/C++ for low-level functions. Obviously, calling names just shows you how much you care about the subject, and if it continues, will result in a ban. I have used Eclipse and did some programming in Java for a little bit. Everyone has an opinion on what's the best. You act like your opinion is fact, yet you cry the loudest when someone else speaks their opinion.
  23. .NET runs on Mac and Linux or soon anyway… They got the previews out already for it. What are you talking about? .NET copied Java. Visual Studio Code just came out which is way less resource hungry anyway. All IDEs in Java are not very clean and responsive.
  24. .NET is coming cross-platform soon, plus there are already 3rd party libraries like Mono that allow cross-platform easily. Java IDE's suck hard. Visual Studio is free for the community edition which has all the features any normal developer would need. I am not rooting that language, but I do give it credit where it is due. It is made for easily deployment and development. Java is excellent at server infrastructures and backends, plus it performs good for devices such as on Android. .NET is good for the tools it provides, it makes programming really speedy. For quick programming there's nothing better out there.
  25. @'Sekaru': > You're still using VB6. > > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rY0WxgSXdEE > > Good argument. Better luck next time Seth. I code in .NET actually. I never claimed to be a programmer. I program cause I have to. I do almost every skill in game development at this point. I don't need help from anyone, because I frankly am capable of making a game by myself aside from art, which is why I work with Rory. No one is perfect, you seem to not get it. I am also porting the engine to Unity, but even you would be one to bash me for doing that. You bash everything which is why it is a waste of breathe to even talk to you. I do speak with a lot of certainty and am wrong sometimes like anyone else, but that's not to say that I am always wrong. I am just very confident in my own abilities to finish what I start. My standards and vision are my most important skills, programming and everything else comes second.
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