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  1. @Keebler: > Actualy noob is a term for new. So i think considering his post count and date joined i was right in calling him so. But i wont argue since some people on this forum seem to have forgot to take there pills. Oh well, I thought that was newb* or newbie*, but I could be wrong since I "fail" so to speak. Anways the point of this thread is for this guy to get some help on makin' an isometric game engine, so commenting on his sprites won't help his game be made faster, seriously! lol Now you're getting a warning for continuing on with a useless argument. ~Anna
  2. @Keebler: > Aw kreator leave the noobs alone. That was a bit harsh. They might be scared away and we dont want even potential artists to leave. WTF, how is he a "noob"? You don't even know him and you're judging him by his post count… for shame. Kreator it seems you don't like any sprites that aren't the same style as you make... they seem to **have** to be very realistic with much detail or else they don't qualify as "good". I like his sprites, all that needs fixing is the eyes. Plus the body detail won't show if the players are wearing clothes over it. Entirely irrelevant. ~Anna
  3. @SyIexus: > I nominate Miguu with Vanessa Hudgens BTW DDunit, I believe SyIexus has nominated me, so I should at least be put up there!~
  4. You should consider fixing the sprite's eyes. Other than that they look great and you would be able to work this into EE3.0 with it's new isometric features. I'd say wait and give it a try when it's released, and good luck with this. This is not a GFX Showoff board. This is irrelevant. ~Anna
  5. @LilCheatah: > Nope it's a bug. Lol Dun be hatin' dawg jus cuz your game be wack wen compared! lol J.K… but seriously folks, we should really consider the little people in this world (forums*)...
  6. @Anna: > Why did you motivational-poster it? It sells itself just fine! > > Tongue-in-cheek string put in by the coder doing error handling? she makes a good point there, just leave the image by itself and post it on epicfail.com or something along those lines.
  7. Thanks for putting me in DDunit… -_-; I see my picture is important.
  8. @‡ƒorce‡DDunit‡: > Beau, can I attack him? As a revenge for insulting you? You seriously need to chill about getting on his "good-side", it's very likely it won't happen. I have seen many try and fail.
  9. mrmiguu


    @Southern: > You have to make sure there isnt a block attribute infront of were your shooting >_> > Second if you want to block people from going to it, use roof attribute. Just know that Monster's can go through the block but not people. I use grapple in my game (for admins only) and I use 2.7 patch 4 (Works very nicely) Thank you for clarifying that for us Southern
  10. mrmiguu


    @SyIexus: > It wont shoot, nothing happens when I tell it to Did you make the item, then tick the bow/arrow box? as well as the grapple hook box?
  11. mrmiguu


    @SyIexus: > won't work for me Works for me, what do you mean by "won't work", like it wont shoot, your character wont warp to the opposing platform?
  12. mrmiguu


    @SyIexus: > Not in 2.7 Yes, I use 2.7 for Lostica… wow
  13. mrmiguu


    @SyIexus: > They dont They do* :Edit: Make sure to place a grapple stone, then make an item a grapple hook bow, then save and shoot at the grapple stone. I use this system in lostica and it works nicely.
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