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  1. Adulese, hah, knew you'd still be here. :azn:
  2. I love you guys, your all really helpful.
  3. Ah, Ninja, its been forever. Thanks for that, it actually sounds right, both you and P.eter are awesome.
  4. @Pete!: > You're having false awakenings and lucid dreams. > Go read up on it, it's actually really interesting. Sounds about it…thanks @Kreator: > Get to the mental hospital you spastic fuck. Remembering the fun times we had in the past? Yeah I love you too Kreator…
  5. @defendersdef: > ok phone. it has to be close to you to be able to use it… > > any1 in ur famly is close to you? > > grandparents maybee > > or any1 likes to chew on your ear? :lipsrsealed: Girl.Friend…
  6. @defendersdef: > if you dream something more than once night after night… > > it will probably come true It wasn't night after night, those dreams were all right before I actually woke up. This one day only…And what does that even mean, that I'm going to lose my phone while talking to her? I don't know the symbolic meaning to the dream yet to believe what you said.
  7. Whats wrong with me? Me and my Blowup Doll have just started recently going out, we started last Saturday, we've been going for a week. There's no question about it that we do talk on the phone for hours everyday but I did not know how much that could affect me mentally. Last night or shall I say early this morning, We fell asleep I guess, we can never stay up after our long conversations…so I always wake up with an open phone next to me, I checked to see if she was still there and of course she wasn't so I hung up. Its still the morning...After I hung up I went back to sleep...I wake up and call her, then the phone drops from my hand onto the bed, and its not there anymore, its back on the charger...I was dreaming...This has been happening for the past 8 hours I have tried sleeping but this last time was the most real...we had an actual freaking conversation, I HEARD her voice in my ear, I FELT the phone drop, I looked down and even searched my sheets...then I turned around and there it was on the charger. I wake up. I'm no stranger to realistic dreams, but this is crazy. Its keeps happening over and over and over...I know dreams can have a hidden meaning and everything, like when you dream them again, its trying to tell you something. This is worse than a reoccurring dream, this is a song on repeat, only the volume gets louder every time. Whats wrong with me? ----------------------------------------------------- Yeah, I'm an older member, that's not the point, I just came back cause you guys were after all like a third family. Even if not many people knew me, I knew enough people to know that I don't want to totally ditch this place.
  9. @«umbra»: > (((((((((((((((()))))))))))))))) > (((((((())))))))(((((((()))))))) > (((())))(((())))(((())))(((()))) > (())(())(())(())(())(())(())(()) > ()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()() > )()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()( > ))(())(())(())(())(())(())(())(( > ))))(((())))(((())))(((())))(((( > ))))))))(((((((())))))))(((((((( > ))))))))))))))))(((((((((((((((( optical illusion sweet
  10. Darkniaz, only got Halo 3 and im buying prototype
  11. @INH: > omg i gonna like for real make a game that is so 1337 you gonna wish you helped make it so you could take some credit but then im gonna woop your ass all over So if you want to join now then NO because i hate anybody who wants to help because im a leet noob and want to take every bit of credit for myself and if i let you help then i would still take it all actually yeah you can help omg i have not put a full stop yet what am i thinking that is just dumb and i mean ive gone for like 4 lines on an epic failz0r post so what am i gonna do i cant think how to end this sentence its just annoying this is wierd i cant stop typing and wow i just made a wall of text and im still going duck this is absolute crap spam post i mean what the duck seriously man you shaal noot PASS my wall of text oh my gawd im still going will i ever shutup yes omg but no full stop still Damn…not even a noob is that crazy
  12. Sweet you could totally own someone with that :evil:
  13. Explode with yolk and all? Or like chunks?
  14. I want everyone that has any type of camera to try this out with me :D First of all you need an egg of course and the last ingredient…vinegar. You supposedly put an egg in a cup...pour vinegar into the cup submerging the egg...and you let it sit for...I don't know, two days? Then it should be an egg with no hard casing on it, a rubber egg :) Now from what I have heard the egg can bust if handled roughly cause there is still yolk inside I believe but it looks so cool and could totally be used for pranking people. Oh and as for why this happens the vinegar is supposed to break down the calcium and leave the egg in its original state...just without...the shell...And I have a second experiment on the side turning chicken bones into rubber bones, they're small though :rolleyes: Prank e.g: Put one half of the egg in vinegar so you can do some whacked out scheme to psyche people out Okay I started this experiment about more than an hour ago I believe, and this is how it looks now... ![](http://i292.photobucket.com/albums/mm13/Darkniz1/Egg1.jpg) I'll just throw in the bone picture, I'll update pics of the egg way more than the bones. ![](http://i292.photobucket.com/albums/mm13/Darkniz1/Bone1.jpg)
  15. I have everything fixed now I think, right after I posted my problem the maps vanished and then I found I was missing tileset 6 so I added it but my first 2 maps are missing, I can re-map them. Everything else is fine now umm I did get a error 9 but that was just because I was mapping with updated tiles and the others didn't have them…The server overflow thing is healed but I still have the "level up!" sign above my head along with the little red zero but I'll just try reinstalling the client to fix that up.
  16. I cant find anything wrong in the data.ini
  17. Ok I don't totally remember what it was but I'm pretty sure it said runtime error 6, server overflow or something. After that I couldn't use animation in maps and all the animation in other maps vanished, and also whenever I log on I walk around with a "LEVEL UP!" sign above my head and as soon as i enter the game a little red zero floats from my head up to the top of the screen and disappears. WTF IS THIS?
  18. Let us all remember Grayfox as one who stood up for his rights and acknowledged when others needed him to stand up for their rights. He was–no, he is a great man...truly intelligent and knowledgeable in lots of areas. I know most everyone who has come in contact with Grayfox has gained some respect for him and never thought the day would come that the man you respected would suddenly pass away. Keep him in your prayers but most of all...keep him in your hearts. All of you who have gathered here today, I want to thank you for showing up on this occasion--not for the ending of his life but for the celebration of a new life he may have in heaven. God bless... ---------------------------------------------------------------- I never even knew the guy but I'm pretty sure this sums it up, When you see his name all over the place even when hes not on eclipse...you got to feel something when the man dies. What I typed would be necessary at an actual funeral but online it may need to be edited a bit "All of you who have gathered here today"
  19. @Pryex: > Don't mourn his death. > Celebrate his life! > > I mean, do any of you guys want people to be sad when your time is up? > > From now on, we put down his best moment s and funniest quotes in a memorial topic! > > Or this topic, although, this one seems to be there just to inform us of the event… I said that before in like two topics and everyone turned on me
  20. Isn't that the same as any uncle…
  21. Kreator is the illegal dad that was deported, Oracle is the mom with switching personalities, Marsh is the cool older brother like you said and same for hot older sister Gwen, but as for the dog I think it should be a monkey and it should be homicidal -hint hint-
  22. I pieced things together and noticed…since that Darklight guy is Phish and Phish posted his real life pictures...and if you see those pictures and see his one pose...if you didnt know he was bi you would think it was just a pose...but now its much much more :icon_crap:
  23. lol Corey and Hippo still trying to keep this thread alive :kiss: my heros :rolleyes: my dumb dumb heros
  24. @Sakis: > omg its amazing…way better than anything that i can do and i even noticed the birds nest in one of the trees in the second map also....so much detail that i am speechless i need to get as good as this to make my own game also Wow…umm...find a map made by Soljah and these maps will look a little less glamorous... ----- In other words, you still have the mappers touch Jimbodawg, just gotta get your own style back I suppose.
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