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  1. You can edit the GUI of all the game screens. They are located obviously in the GUI folder. With VB6 you can move around the positions of the buttons and things in case you decide you want to rearrange them.
  2. Lenton

    How do I start?

    1\. Run your server. 2\. Run your client. 3\. Make a new account on the client. 4\. Log in to your game. 5\. On your server select your name and set your access to 5. 6\. In-game press F1 to see you admin panel.
  3. Lenton

    Wear items

    @Anna: > It's not glitchy at all. If you make custom graphics from scratch with paperdoll in mind, it works perfectly. The only real issue with it is dealing with characters with long hair. Yep, you only result in problems when you use other peoples work.
  4. @Soljah: > Nobody really 'owns' eclipse, considering it has had many different developers, and it is open source. > > Marsh pays for the forums, and runs them. Actually Marsh owns it all. He employs the developers.
  5. Lenton

    First 3D Work !!

    Looks good apart from the sky. You can move this 3D picture around right? You could use this in a game?
  6. Yea, I can see that you have used the same template for every one and just laid the texture underneath but they are looking very nice.
  7. Save an evil typhoon, flame a noob.
  8. I got exactly the same problem as Marsh. I am still waiting for it to load.. I'm using Windows Vista with firefox.
  9. Lenton


    It tells you what the default username and password is on the tutorial you got from portforward.com.
  10. Lenton

    Character shadow?

    Or you could create the shadow by editing the sprite.
  11. Lenton

    Item Ideas.

    Not really sure what you want or what kind of items you want. (Modern or fantasy) *Rusty Dagger* *You know what one looks like* *Shoes, Hand* *black handle with rusty blade* *A degrade from a normal dagger*
  12. Lenton

    Sad News

    @[SB: > Joe888888 link=topic=38060.msg362998#msg362998 date=1233752200] > [http://www.cnn.com/2356~/ticker/article.html[/ url] > > :huh:](http://www.joe888888.RickRolld.Me)
  13. I really do love rpgs and strategy games. Tactics Arena Online - Ever heard of this?
  14. Can you please remove my work (bridge). I don't want it to be free to use or be apart of this tileset. Else can an admin or mod remove it please, thanks.
  15. You would have to put all of the values into notepad so the user can change them without source.
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