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  1. It's in my signature but it will forever be one of the nicest things Robin has ever said to me @Robin: > Haha. I love you, Dan.
  2. @Robin: > Haha. That video is epic. Whenever I log in I just end up running around in a dump truck screwing people up. xD I don't know if I would be pissed off or die laughing if this happened to me.
  3. See all this reminiscing has made me want to play it again xD But inevitably I get bored of the game without a ton of people to talk to :P
  4. Oh god I haven't touched this game in forever. I still have like two ships and some sort of an expensive house if I remember :P
  5. Isn't Miguu the one that looked like Fred Figglehorn?
  6. Is that Riff-Raff from Rocky Horror Picture Show? o.o God damn Muslims trying to rule Heaven.
  7. Missing THE OLD GOD DAMN THEME. Every time you people changed it on me my first action was to change it right the fuck back. Not pleased >.>
  8. Clearly none of you have encountered the Goliath Spider, or should I call it by its other name… THE GOD DAMN BIRD EATING SPIDER. NO GOD DAMN JOKE. ![](http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/c/c2/Male_goliath_birdeater_111508_013.jpg) Damn Nature. You scary.
  9. Obviously you haven't played it for that long then. As you level up you get to play the extremely talented people and those people are the ones that scare the shit out of you because you become so paranoid because they are able to walk up right behind you and you don't notice. Scares me everytime.
  10. @Robin: > ITT; People getting trolled to suck invisible dicks. Son of a bitch robin you edited your post to make it look like you were the first to say it! You originally said something else! >.> I'm onto you. @Hyperion: > The gesture that this forces you to do is naughty.
  11. The gesture that this forces you to do is naughty.
  12. Want. Actually I have it. I know I have it, however I am unable to touch it until Christmas >.>
  13. @Robin: > @Hyperion: > > > That's it? Those aren't paragraphs. Those are two sentences. I hardly think that that constitutes an essay. > > As well don't refer to people as "the gays", it sounds tacky. Use a proper name like the "Homosexual population" etc etc. > > I would definitely read up or look for other essays that will inspire you. > > What grade is this for? > > None of that matters. This is school. You don't need to write well, you just need to keep your image. Writing about the 'homosexual population' is social suicide. I completely and wholeheartedly agree I'm just saying if you do it at least do it well so you can justify the ass kicking you're going to get.
  14. That's it? Those aren't paragraphs. Those are two sentences. I hardly think that that constitutes an essay. As well don't refer to people as "the gays", it sounds tacky. Use a proper name like the "Homosexual population" etc etc. I would definitely read up or look for other essays that will inspire you. What grade is this for?
  15. Wrong move proving you're a girl. You'll regret that.
  16. I thought you were like 16.
  17. @Zonova: > Good thing I never posted any points Yes you're contributing so much to the debate / conversation. How would anyone ever survive without you. /sarcasm.
  18. @Chakkra: > It just happens. Do people choose to be resented by over 50% of the population? Do the unlucky people choose to have their families ridicule their every move and be ashamed to be seen with their children? No. Who would WANT that? Do you even think of other people's feelings before you speak? You obviously have no idea what you are talking about. I don't try to tell people how it is to be a woman, because I'm not. I won't go around telling people stuff I know nothing about. > > You think gay people made up the fact that it can't be helped? If it was that easy to change, why would people "stay gay" long enough for people to bash their heads in, shoot them, beat them to death and burn them at the steak. Wouldn't people change their mind to "normal" to save their lives? ^ with possibly a little less anger.
  19. @Zonova: > @Robin: > > > **Facts;** > > * You do not _choose_ to be homosexual. It's in your programming. It's a perfectly normal and healthy variation in sexual orientation. > > > > Around the point where I stopped reading further > > > > > > If you can't even read the points of an opponent in a debate then you've just damned every point you could have possibly made. Though like I said before and with the reasons I said before I can't see why someone would choose it. I also don't see how children can choose to have a different sexual orientation at a young age if they've never been taught about them.
  20. @Koovo: > @Hyperion: Praise the Almighty. I think we are on the same page. My initial and subsequent posts succeeded in failing. Perhaps my blunder was including the bit about rights and whatnot. Sometimes I find it difficult to express myself with the written word, especially with a delicate topic such as this. > > Is the following not unlike your view on the matter at hand? > > Person A finds Person B (insert adjective here) because he/she is gay. But Person A does not act upon his/her opinion and therefore should be protected from attack. Basic human rights are not in question and are not demanded to be only for a select few. Leave Person A alone. Correct. Take liberty, freedom, and rights out of the equation and you have my view pretty basically summed up. I don't care what another person thinks as long as it doesn't directly effect me. Sure dislike me and my actions; that's fine. But don't try and take away rights and spew hatred. That's where I draw a line, and that's where things need to change. Like seriously, you can have your viewpoint but I deserve the same common respect and civility that you **ought** to be showing everyone else. If people could grow up and just treat others civilly then things would go so much smoother in life. If you show me common respect then in turn I'll return the favor. @ShawnyBoy: > There is no way to remove this negitivity, without removing negitive terms such as "homosexual", "niger", "gay", and etc. Until people start refering to other people as "human" there will always be this negative background, were many people can't accept others for how they are. > > This is just my opinion, but most of it is fact. On a side note Homosexual and gay is a proper label if you ask me and there aren't any negatives attached to the words unless someone purposely attaches those feelings to them. Like I said before, I don't necessarily think we need to "stop" the hate or dislike, everyone is entitled to an opinion it's just that there are proper ways to express said opinions that don't involve protesting and taking away peoples rights.
  21. @L: > Hmm, I live in Ontario too xD Only area I have knowledge of as well. > And I found neither hard to tell my parents. > Atheism was like breathing, for my household is all atheist, and my bisexuality wasn't hard either for the expected it the whole time xD > My family and my family are very open and fun :D > My dad would always say "Some day, I'm going to come in the door, and my son is going to have a stick in his mouth, and I'll say Well, I'm not surprised." … And thats when they found out they lived next door to each other. xD
  22. @L: > I must grow up in a strange community, because where I'm from we've never felt it odd to be gay :S > Anyone who's gay is treated just as anyone else, > I'm scared to leave the province if thats what it's like out there xD rofl For the most part Canada is far greater for its treatment of Gay people then lets say a country like America. I'm not saying America isn't make steps forward but in some areas the discrimination that is felt is much higher. In my area being Gay is not a huge thing but still note worthy to some. People would probably care at first (for better and for worse) and then the next big thing would happen and it would be forgotten. I like that I live in an area like this. However I could be wrong for other areas as all I know of for location is Ontario
  23. @escfoe2: > Honestly, being gay is a choice. Thus meaning that its not "built in". I believe gays should be disallowed. For real? Really? Yes because guys and girls choose to want to be bullied about who they'll like in the future. Yes because guys and girls want to have their rights to marriage taken away. Yes because guys and girls want to be stigmatized and ostracized by entire groups. Why in the world would someone choose something like this. Not that I'm saying its a bad thing to be; that's the complete opposite. I'm just saying I hate it when people say that it's a choice, why would someone choose this? @Koovo: > Helladen may have attempted to "troll" others who support gay rights. If this is the case, shame on him. If not, shame on you. Some people are uncomfortable with gays. Deal with it. Stop demonizing the rest of the populace that disagrees with your viewpoint. > > I grow weary of being forced to accept gay marriage and associating issues. So if I don't like gay people, I should be burned at the stake? I do not actively protest nor do I purposely murder same-sex couples. Leave me alone already. While obviously it's great that you do not force your opinions on others and resist the urge to murder the gays how do you equate not liking people and taking away someones rights? I have no problem with people. Like actually. Have your religion, have your polygamist views, have fourteen children. I don't care. I don't care if you hate all gay people. I have a problem with the people that act on that "dislike" and deny people the right to marry, or to adopt a child. No you shouldn't be burned at the stake but when did it become okay to take away someones rights? tl;dr: You shouldn't have a say of who I am and I shouldn't have a say who you are unless it directly effects my immediate and physical well being. Side Note: My mother would probably be upset about it but eventually support me and it would probably be similar with my father. I don't think either would ever be completely gungho with the idea but they would want what is best for me.
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