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  1. Hey, I've been away from eclipse for a while and I came back, downloaded the new engine and played it. I saw several features that I liked in the new engine and I came back to the site to do a little more research on the new engine. First thing I found was you need silver or gold member ship to do different stuff… So i'm wondering is the game still open source and I can edit it with VB6 or do I have to buy Gold before I can do everything?
  2. Sorry for very, very late reply i got distracted with other projects then a virus and what not but yeah the hit boxes I played with for a good hour but couldn't change i didn't feel like looking them up at the time though.
  3. Sorry for long time reply but I recently got a virus on my computer and just re-installed VS6 got this error again but i'm using my edited engine and would like to know how to fix the error but keep my code. Thx
  4. > When you start manufacturing life sized marshmellow plushies. When you have over 100 life sized marshmellow plushies
  5. Well i made my first flash game at school for a project(that we were supposed to make a movie) and it has like 2 levels and i could easily recreate it better in different soft-wares but its a flash game yah. [http://www.kongregate.com/games/00GuthixLord/blocks-epic-adventure](http://www.kongregate.com/games/00GuthixLord/blocks-epic-adventure)
  6. > Oh my God… Dat tree. I like how you think about the good things in life the trees
  7. > Burritos ![:D](http://www.touchofdeathforums.com/community/public/style_emoticons//biggrin.png) ##$%@#$%%$#@#!$ [email protected]#[email protected]#$!!#$ [email protected]#[email protected]# [email protected]#$ NOOOOOO! ….. Rocky Mountain Oysters
  8. When you spam Marshy Dearest asking for a life size Marshy Dearest plushy ![:rolleyes:](http://www.touchofdeathforums.com/community/public/style_emoticons//rolleyes.gif)
  9. > AWE, Marshy Dearest! *Glomp* You still use the avatar I made? *Is thrilled beyond joy* OOOOH SO YOU MADE THAT! Can you send me a plushie of it?
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