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  1. The new message of error : ![](http://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/2016/51/1482237038-capture.png)
  2. I do not know if someone uses this updater but I've a problem. I followed the steps and it shows me this error message : ![](http://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/2016/51/1482177602-capture.png) I looked at the source level but I do not master the C # so I do not find the problem The part of the code where the error message appears: ``` private void CompareFiles(Object sender, DoWorkEventArgs e) { var files = e.Argument as XElement; var total = files.Elements().Count(); var current = 0; this.ThreadSafe(() => { TotalProgress.Maximum = total; }); try { foreach (var file in files.Elements()) { var dir = AppDomain.CurrentDomain.BaseDirectory + "\\"; var name = file.Attribute("name").Value; var rhash = file.Attribute("hash").Value; var download = false; this.ThreadSafe(() => { ContentLabel.Content = String.Format("Checking {0}...", name); }); if (!File.Exists(dir + name)) { download = true; } else { using (var f = File.OpenRead(dir + name)) { var lhash = f.ToSha256(); if (!String.Equals(lhash, rhash)) download = true; } } if (download) { this.ThreadSafe(() => { ContentLabel.Content = String.Format("Downloading {0}...", name); }); if (!Directory.Exists(System.IO.Path.GetDirectoryName(dir + name))) Directory.CreateDirectory(System.IO.Path.GetDirectoryName(dir + name)); if (File.Exists(dir + name)) File.Delete(dir + name); using (var client = new WebClient()) { try { client.DownloadFile(Options["RemoteDirectory"] + name, dir + name); } catch { ReportError(String.Format("An error has occured while attempting to download '{0}'", name)); return; } } } current++; this.ThreadSafe(() => { TotalProgress.Value = current; }); } } catch { ReportError("A fatal error has occured while attempting to process the updates."); return; } } ``` Someone can help me ?
  3. Bump! Media : http://www.noelshack.com/2016-40-1476014862-capture.png
  4. More precisely, I'm looking for a pixel artist who can realize paperdolls and base sprite.
  5. Hello, Hunter Online is a french MMORPG 2D in univers of "Hunter x Hunter" make with Eclipse Skywyre. Currently, I'm looking for a graphist who can make a interface, sprite and tileset. I'm the developer of project. Contact me by private message. Thanks.
  6. Hunter x Hunter is a masterpiece https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ft9cj_o9vkk
  7. Escanor

    Main border

    Thank you to you I managed
  8. Escanor

    Main border

    Hello, I have remove the main border to add mine. I draw the new border in modgraphics but I can't move the game screen.I have no idea how to make the move. Can You help me please ? Here the result when I draw the border ![](http://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/2016/11/1457960168-capture.png)
  9. It is not a bug, it is because the spwan day / night is with regard to the server and not to the client.
  10. Escanor

    DX8 error

    Hi, I made a multi-character system where you need to talk to a npc to change character but when i change the character i have a dx8 error in Client. In the server : **modPlayer** ``` Sub SetPlayerPerso(ByVal index As Long, ByVal Charac As Long) If Charac > MAX_PLAYER_CHARS Then Call PlayerMsg(index, "ERREUR !!!, Ré-esseyez !", Red) Exit Sub End If Call LoadPerso(index, Charac) TempPlayer(index).Char = Charac End Sub ``` **modDatabasse** ``` Sub LoadPerso(ByVal index As Long, CharNum As Long) Dim filename As String Dim F As Long filename = App.path & "\data\accounts\" & Trim(index) & ".bin" F = FreeFile Open filename For Binary As #F Get #F, , Player(index).Char(CharNum) Call SendPlayerData(index) Close #F End Sub ``` It is not the whole code but it is here that blocks. In the Client, there is no error.
  11. Of course In Client , modClientTCP ``` Public Sub SendSetPerso(ByVal name As String, ByVal CharacNume As Long) Dim buffer As clsBuffer ' If debug mode, handle error then exit out If Options.Debug = 1 Then On Error GoTo errorhandler Set buffer = New clsBuffer buffer.WriteLong CSetPerso buffer.WriteString name buffer.WriteLong CharacNume SendData buffer.ToArray() Set buffer = Nothing ' Error handler Exit Sub errorhandler: HandleError "SendSetPerso", "modClientTCP", Err.Number, Err.Description, Err.Source, Err.HelpContext Err.Clear Exit Sub End Sub ``` In Server modHandleData ``` Sub HandleSetPerso(ByVal index As Long, ByRef Data() As Byte, ByVal StartAddr As Long, ByVal ExtraVar As Long) Dim i As String Dim n As Long Dim buffer As clsBuffer Set buffer = New clsBuffer buffer.WriteBytes Data() ' The sprite i = FindPlayer(buffer.ReadString) n = buffer.ReadLong '(CLng(Parse(1))) Set buffer = Nothing ' Prevent hacking 'If GetPlayerPerso(i) = GetPlayerPerso(index) Then 'Call PlayerMsg(index, "Tu es déjà ce personnage", Red) ' Exit Sub ' End If If GetPlayerPerso(n) > MAX_CHARACTERE Then Call PlayerMsg(index, "Erreur", Red) Exit Sub End If Call PlayerMsg(index, "Tu as changé de personnage !", Green) Call SetPlayerPerso(i, n) Call PlayerMsg(index, "De : " & GetPlayerPerso(index) & " à " & GetPlayerPerso(n), Blue) Call SendPlayerData(i) Exit Sub End Sub ``` I have add CSetPerso in client enumeration and server enumeration
  12. @'Lavos': > @'Ging': > > > Yes I know, the error doesn't comme from there > > Please use screenshots to explain your error, it would help the community to better understand what you are asking for. I am bad to express. I have no error but when I send a value of the client to the server the value stays in 0
  13. Yes I know, the error doesn't comme from there
  14. Hi, I'm trying to send a value to the server but the value remains 0. I have any error. i don’t uderstand what i did wrong. Can you help me please ?
  15. Hi, I look for add the movements in the palette of sprite. In what module I can change the code for add this movements ? Thanks
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