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  1. What I think PD is implying is that you basically wrote a fancy post asking for other people to make a game for you to ''sell'' as your own and your ''company'' its property.. for free. So, with your offer of absolutely zilch you have also seemingly provided zero actual input or progress to the project so far, making your intentions a little questionable. So you didn't actually answer his question. :P
  2. Joyce

    Yuko banned.

    @'Marsh': > As for why she was banned in the past I cant really remember, she was pretty immature so banned from that a lot. But I think she ended up wrecking someones game or website after she got the pass. Something stupid along those lines. It was something like that, yes. I wonder if there's still a record of that somewhere in the admin forums.
  3. Joyce

    Yuko banned.

    … You didn't see this coming? She's been banned and acted like a lunatic in the past. What made you think she'd be different now. :P Still, didn't think she'd go -that- far. @'Chief': > Well yeah, if you're an admin, you have access to the Admin panel, and can make database backups. It's not magic. Well, with custom roles this could easily be changed of course.
  4. @'Chief': > … snip > > this serious? Why would they not have prerenderd all static tiles per layer and then just did a single paint of it instead of painting every single tile (apparently multiple times) per cycle? That's a bit ridiculous. Some engines are a little more efficient in rendering the maps and render the viewport only, but they still do this for every tile rather than rendering the layer (and its animated variations) to an image (or chunks of images, should they get too big) and just displaying these.
  5. @'Growlith1223': > There's also the issue that Eclipse doesn't know how to fragment the map data to help with that lag. simple fix but i would stay around 50x50 and below unless you plan on doing what i said, which is to send the initial parts of the map then send the rest as fragments of the actual map I don't think latency or framerate issues stem from this at all, it's mostly just initial load time that is affected by this. Rendering the entire map instead of the visible bits as well as looping through every single tile on the map several times in a single cycle are the culprits here, not the method of distribution.
  6. If we're not using VB6, but .Net we can do some cheap trick like this to make life a little easier: ``` internal class RollingList : List { private Int32 _cap; internal RollingList(Int32 maxcapacity) { _cap = maxcapacity; } internal new void Add(T item) { base.Add(item); if (this.Count() > _cap) base.Remove(this.First()); } internal new void AddRange(IEnumerable collection) { foreach (var item in collection) this.Add(item); } } ``` Saves you the hassle of dealing with keeping track of stuff. :) Unfortunately, in VB6 the solution would be a little less elegant.. I don't have a copy of VB6 installed right now, so can't really provide the code required. But you'd basically be shifting your array up one every time you add a new item to it.
  7. If I recall correctly SkyWyre uses a sound library that.. has some issues with the way the VB6 Debugging process works. Basically, to get around this and not crash your editor every other time you debug your application it disables your sound when debugging. The compiled executable doesn't have this problem.
  8. Joyce

    Help Source Code

    If I understand your problem right, your changes made to the source code don't affect the executables right? If so, that'd be correct as the source code is not used when running the executables. You'll want to compile the source into an executable for the changes to work.
  9. Do remember to download a fresh copy of the source once you've applied these fixes.. Your source (having been saved) may have already been corrupted. It also seems MSCOMCTL is being a prick on your end, but I can't for the life of me recall how I resolved that the last time I had problems with it. The supplied fixes however, have you tried forcing them to run in administrator mode?
  10. I grabbed the executable and decompiled it. :P And yeah, it's rather simple to decompile any .Net application. Generally it takes very little work to get it to compile again unless whoever wrote it used some obscure assemblies. I tend to use ILSpy when I look at how someone wrote something, it's never a perfect representation of how the code was written by the original author but it works well enough to see the general structure of an application and what it does. http://ilspy.net/ And woo, I don't have to worry about Robin bashing down my door for being a complete fuckup just yet!
  11. I saw, I may or may not have decompiled it. ;) And if Robin cursed at it tell him I'm sorry. :P Fair enough on the CRC32! Everyone has their own preferences regarding these things.
  12. The Zelda games and Nin have entirely different movement systems, despite simulating fluid/pixel-based movements Nin is still very much tilebased. They just sped up the gap between movement triggers and smoothed out the rest with animation and other effects. It'll take a good bit of effort to get it to work either way, be it fluid-looking or actual pixel-based movement. Just reducing the grid on which players can walk does not instantly make it appear more natural. It might actually get worse before it gets better with some polish.
  13. I don't think that's really much in terms of a description to go on, but there's a couple folks in the Talent Center looking for work.
  14. HAve you tried downloading a fresh copy and starting that? My download compiles just fine.
  15. What code did you download from where? The download might be corrupt or incomplete.
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