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    > ![](http://i1268.photobucket.com/albums/jj574/Juvanio/Admin.png) Oooh lala~
  2. I honestly respect your opinions and understand what you're saying. But don't you want to simplify it a bit? [I'm not on anyone's side] How I read it: > Marshy Dearest Marshy Dearest Marshy Dearest, nomnomnom, craaaap! He's dominating the world! Grrrrr, pewpew Maarsh dieee! die! die! bangbangbang. tutututututututututututut, boom! wewewewewewew, prrrrrrt. shuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmmwaaaaaw! Purrrr, jjjj asdfghjkl, doomdomdomdom asdjkv uuuuuuush! And the only point I understood from your 'enormous speech' was: > "I hate Marshy Dearest. He's a complete p-ussy who has a d-ick on is nose. He like ponies with wings. So he's homo, get away!" If you'd really want to simplify: > "I'm emo, and I hate Marshy Dearest."
  3. Right-Click File> Send to… > Desktop > Rick-Click File> Send to... > Computer 2, voila! JOKE It's either you upload it in the internet and then download it, or put on a CD, or use a floppy disk (? my teacher still uses it so o_o).
  4. > Alright, [this is what I could come up with](https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/10498962/Music/Lovely%20Nights.ogg). Tell me what you think/like/dislike and I will try again (even if it means restarting the whole track). It's amazing! May I have it in .mp3 by the way? Donates shall be transferred~
  5. Wasn't following this thread for quite a while, so here; > Um… what? So are you saying yes you would mind or yes you would not mind? Can't just say yes to a non yes/no question! [feels like you're shouting, no need to shout ;c] Yes, I don't mind. Go ahead and use a harp.
  6. > Would you mind if I just used a harp? I cannot find samples or soundfonts for that instrument anywhere. Yes.
  7. Those are extremely good looking designs~ I might consider ordering someday :b
  8. **Emotion:** Melo-Dramatic / Naturistic / Depressive / Traditional / Sad **Wanted Instruments:** Gayaguem (It's a Korean string instrument, similar to harp.) ; Guitar (the acoustic one) ; Violin ; Flute **Unwanted Instruments:** Electric Guitar; Piano ; Drums **Other Information:** Well, put your taste, I'll be making this a lullaby, hopefully you could make it lullaby-ish? **Style?:** Regular **Length (depending on the length I will charge more/less Eclipse Cash)(Optional):** How ever you want it, as long as in this sequence: Verse-Chorus-Verse2-Chorus-Bridge-Chorus **Loopable?****:** Yes, I want it to be unending. **File Format:** .mp3, like I've said, this'll be mah ringtone :]
  9. > **Can you vouch for me: (Optional)i dont understand what is these because i from spain but yes XDD** It means to promote/ tell people he can do work. I vouch for Abhi2011, I've seen some of his works and they're simply amazing.
  10. > Ahri added to supporters list.
  11. > Then you're an idiot. ![;)](http://www.touchofdeathforums.com/community/public/style_emoticons//wink.png) > > But in all seriousness, it's not great. The colours conflict with the theme. ![](http://www.freemmorpgmaker.com/uploadfiles/7f506e80a8644ae9e9d5d3ead4a77938.png) Or was that the "a" in that? And for a second, I'm not an idiot :[ However, that logo can improve. So meeh.
  12. > The requirements for the logo are a bit tricky..Skulls and light blues don't go very well. A skull is also a really awkward shape. > > This isn't really very good, tbh. > > ![](http://services.glaciate.net/file_host/host/0a8a09415338007068d3f4f03de95f90.png) > > If you want to drop the skull, I can probably do something much better. It can get better, it's just not there yet. And I kind read it as "Roided" instead of "Raided". Edit; Do you want the logo to be scary, Cici?
  13. > As a LoL player and newbie pixel artist myself it looks pretty nice, > > but that beam should go more to the back in place of coming to the front. > > for the rest awesome style of art ![;)](http://www.touchofdeathforums.com/community/public/style_emoticons//wink.png) . It was quite a while this thread was alive, but okay. Thanks anyways :]
  14. Awesome tutorial! Even though I think there is one similar to this, but we've all got our own styles :] Sexy Zelda MMORPG by the way, nice screenshots on your signature!
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