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  1. What are you talking about? There are plenty of people that could help, I.E, Captain Evilbunnie, try sending him a PM.
  2. Bafoon

    My Graphics

    I really love all the tiles! Good job! I suggest making the sprite tall, Im not sure why, but I fall in love with skinny tall sprites :P
  3. Yeah but maybe someone can put some use to it or something.
  4. Well welcome back to the forums, setup a good work in progress and I wish you good luck.
  5. Oh right, with 1.2 you go into client >> data files >> news. Edit it.
  6. Heres a few things I was working on for a sidescroller, but dont want/need. sprites: ![](http://img809.imageshack.us/img809/1932/15005325.png) tiles: ![](http://img263.imageshack.us/img263/4832/79247143.png) Really bad tiles but there you go guys, have fun, credit to NinjaTurtle and Relly please.
  7. Its in FrmMain or whatever it is, its a part of the GUI, set as label.
  8. Hmm, yah this is pretty nteresting, ill tell him to take a shot.
  9. Yah, butbthay wouldnt be possible due to lack of players for eclipse, sadly, he wants to create an mmo with elipse with an idea like this
  10. Yeah, Jungletoe, basically :P
  11. Please stay on-topic, and why wouldnt it be in debate? Im trying to get you guys to debate or discuss wether or not you enjoy the idea.
  12. So my friend has this small, cool idea for a game, Its a 1v1 sports magic type game, I guess. It has a field, prefablly a bunch of maps setup like a regular football field, its got an endzone at both sides. In the middle is the ball, according to your speciailzation you can attack fast, run fast, cast magic, etc. There would be no health, but lets say you use a spell called Flame Punch, the player would drop the ball and make it fly 3 tiles over or something. The objective would to get the ball to your opponents gate and then fight him to the death at the end. ^^ he explained it wierd, but whadda u think?
  13. If your asking for help dont be a bitch about it, the legs are horribly wrong, so change them.
  14. Explorer/Dual Blade, Hes my thief now, I have my level 20 Explorer Pirate, both on Merdian realm, anyone on that?
  15. Fixed it, but now I get an error on ``` .txtLevel.text = Npc(EditorIndex).Level .txtDamage.text = Npc(EditorIndex).Damage ```Method or Data not found. Any ideas?
  16. I did download the source things, and I still get the same error as him…any ideas?
  17. Bafoon


    Well I used WN, and you said it was hard-coded for that one..so haha.
  18. Bafoon


    So for EO 1.2.0, is the item transparency still hard-coded? I've looked but I cant find it, and I really need to change it.
  19. Yeah, cause you realised how fucking stupid you and your jokes are and decided to grow some balls, and not be a dumbass. Ive always hated, will always hate you, your a power whore who thinks your all big and grand because ohhhh, you made origins! Good job bud, but you dont own the everything and everyone.
  20. No ones going to go fucking buy a whole new keyboard so they can just fucking open up an admin panel. Your fricken retarded, and go ahead warn me, I dont give a shit, but I hate you. Your fucking retarded, and your upstuck, and a power whore. Way to delete my topic so people without vb6 could download it, stop being a stupid lil prick. /rant.
  21. Damnit, I cant become a pirate, she says " I feel something strange about you, I dont think this is the right choice". or something. Can I change that?
  22. Bafoon

    Friends List

    hey can anyone help me? I copied + pasted picInventory, and made a friends list, but now when u hit inventory, it opens the friends list, how do I make a seperate button for the friends list?
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