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  1. Unity is far harder to use. That is just bad advice. People start with engines like RPG Maker or Starcraft 2 map editor. They don't start with Unity. Visual Basic 6 runs better than .NET, if it had threading and updated IDE, it would be a better language. Microsoft decided to drop VB6 cause it was hard to maintain, it wasn't that the compiler sucked. If you seen what I have done with the language, I use both .NET and VB6 extensively, it is pretty dumb to say VB6 is not considered a programming language. It is used by businesses still to this day, because .NET is not a good language to switch it. Sure, VB6 sucks in its own right, in more than I stated, but it has some good points to it still.
  2. Wait til 1.2.8 before Gold. I still haven't updated it. Gold version is just a modified Silver version with more features. It installs just like the Silver version and is open-source. You are paying for the code to use in your games. not the files themselves.

    Quests will be fixed in 1.2.8 hopefully. It is hard for me to make it dynamically resizable. This is the easy way for you to change the size of the item count like 1000 items vs. 100 items.

    HP/MP/EXP are not set never mind. I will fix it in 1.2.8.

    Post bugs on GitHub please, don't post them on the site. If you insist on using a site, please post it on mine. The organization for bug reports has never been good on here for me. It's always scattered and no one ever listens. - repeat posts/etc.
  3. @'Sekaru':

    > Just coming back to laugh at yet another ignorant (and or stupid) statement. Visual Studio is one of the most bloated and messy IDEs out there. On the other hand, you don't even need to install Eclipse.
    > And you wonder why people look down on you lol. Do some research.

    Visual Studio may be bloated and slow at loading, but if you keep it minimized and have a lot of RAM, it is no problem. Obviously, there are programmers out there better than both you and I, they choose .NET over Java. I know several programmers personally that use .NET and C/C++ for low-level functions. Obviously, calling names just shows you how much you care about the subject, and if it continues, will result in a ban. I have used Eclipse and did some programming in Java for a little bit. Everyone has an opinion on what's the best. You act like your opinion is fact, yet you cry the loudest when someone else speaks their opinion.
  4. .NET runs on Mac and Linux or soon anyway… They got the previews out already for it. What are you talking about? .NET copied Java. Visual Studio Code just came out which is way less resource hungry anyway. All IDEs in Java are not very clean and responsive.
  5. .NET is coming cross-platform soon, plus there are already 3rd party libraries like Mono that allow cross-platform easily. Java IDE's suck hard. Visual Studio is free for the community edition which has all the features any normal developer would need. I am not rooting that language, but I do give it credit where it is due. It is made for easily deployment and development. Java is excellent at server infrastructures and backends, plus it performs good for devices such as on Android. .NET is good for the tools it provides, it makes programming really speedy. For quick programming there's nothing better out there.
  6. @'Sekaru':

    > You're still using VB6.
    > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rY0WxgSXdEE
    > Good argument. Better luck next time Seth.

    I code in .NET actually. I never claimed to be a programmer. I program cause I have to. I do almost every skill in game development at this point. I don't need help from anyone, because I frankly am capable of making a game by myself aside from art, which is why I work with Rory. No one is perfect, you seem to not get it. I am also porting the engine to Unity, but even you would be one to bash me for doing that. You bash everything which is why it is a waste of breathe to even talk to you. I do speak with a lot of certainty and am wrong sometimes like anyone else, but that's not to say that I am always wrong. I am just very confident in my own abilities to finish what I start. My standards and vision are my most important skills, programming and everything else comes second.
  7. Maybe? I never claimed to be god status. I am a human just like you. I don't go around making fun of you though, I give you that respect even though you really don't deserve it from me. I was just defending my point of view, since you always got to throw up the past. The past is gone, the past is no more. Stop living in the past.
  8. We're talking about mobile games here. iOS vs. Android, iOS is more profitable. You get more installs with Android, but ad revenue is very low percent compared to purchasing an app. .NET recently went open-source from being proprietary and also running on all major PC platforms. I wasn't stating it was the first open-source platform. You are pulling words out of your ass like you always do when you don't try to understand other people's point of view, you put your own viewpoint on them and force it your way. Then you change your avatar picture or something else to try to upset the poster. This is how Robin used to treat me, too. It just shows who is right and who is wrong in the conversation. The person who knows they are right, doesn't resort to those behaviors, deep down they know they are wrong.

    Microsoft has the biggest marketshare. C/C++ are low-level programming languages, but when it comes to fast programming: .NET, Java, and a few others are in that space. Visual Basic 6 back in the day was king. This is why so many people refuse to move on, they liked the simplicity of it.
  9. @'Sekaru':

    > Of course Java is shitty but its by no means on its last legs. When .net developers start getting paid as much as Java developers, give me a shout. If you use Swift you should honestly just kill yourself, it'd be a lot less painful. Tbh I cba to read your paragraph on how you justify making a Flappy Bird clone so I won't.

    I don't either. Lazy Rocket was a mobile game test. I never distributed a game like that before and wanted the experience. Rory was the one to do it, I just followed in his footsteps and learned from him. It really is for experience and not cash. That game made absolutely nothing. It costed more to make it than we got, we actually lost money making that game, but we did get business from it from commissions. I don't want to go on to debate about your opinions, but Swift has potential to be a good programming language since it works well on iOS, which in my honest opinion is the only platform to distribute your games on. Android is flooded and people don't pay for good games. Swift is open-source and new as well - as well as .NET. Both are great languages, Microsoft is king of programming languages and Apple copied them.


    .NET programmers get paid a lot. Visual Basic 6 programmers get paid a lot. You know why? Microsoft is the king of business. Everyone uses old apps that were written in the Visual Basic 6 days and most of them, don't want to upgrade. They just want improvements made to them. I work at Wal-mart and guess what, every computer is Windows. The freaking self-checkout is Windows. I seen an error on it one day while I was working. Every business uses IBM and Windows. Java is nowhere to be seen.
  10. We all know Java has had its last legs. With .NET being cross-platform and now Apple's new programming language Swift also being cross-platform. The two tech giants are going to just demolish Oracle as a side note and just a opinion.. ;)

    The gaming industry is not ruined by mobile games. It is ruined by terrible game designers trying to pocket the normal person who don't like videogames. They play videogames to kill time when they are on break at work, at parties, and other aspects of life where social media doesn't fill the time kill moment.

    Basically, what game designers who have this mentality need to understand, is that you need to realize this niche of people. Hardcore videogame players do not like mobile games and likely never will. Even if you make an awesome game for mobile, they like controllers/physical parts to interact with. These "gamers" are living in the golden age of gaming and gaming has long passed that. The gaming industry as a whole is about to have a giant change in the next 5 to 10 years (next console generation). We're going to go to streaming and eventually touch screen will be the norm. Games will still come out that use keyboard/mice/controller, but really, there will be multiple ways to interact with games in the future. It won't be standardized to really use one form or another to play a videogame. Videogames do not have to meet this golden age definition. I am personally a fan of the golden age of videogames, where games were tough and had the tutorials built in to the levels, because people were treated as humans and not idiots. Although, it is likely we will ever go back to this time again.

    Honestly, if you were born later, you would hold a very different opinion about videogames. It is the human bias. You can never say your opinion is better than anyone elses'. Humans like it easy. Those who grew up playing videogames in the golden age will like games to have the same effect as they grew up playing, but are these games truly better? I don't think so. Our definitions change from each generation.
  11. Gold will provide fancy features like fullscreen and projectiles. The fullscreen feature is still in beta in Nin Online. The code I sell is made for Nin Online which is why it costs money. I give you the source-code and the money goes to the game and not me. I got a job and don't need the money. Gold is $20.

    I have been mapping for almost 15 years. I do fine with this amount of layers. Mappers that use more than this, typically suck at mapping. Rory and I map excellent with this amount. Adding more layers will harm the FPS of the game considerably. Don't do it, just trust me on it. You can use backdrops like panoramas and all that instead.
  12. @'Link':

    > I heard there's supposed to be an announcement for FF7 coming to ps4, I'm assuming xbox one as well. I don't know much about E3 though.

    Nah. Square Enix is a Sony sider. They usually put all their games on Playstation only, but they did release Final Fantasy Type 0 on Xbox One, and Kingdom Hearts 3 is coming to Xbox One.
  13. FInal Fantasy 7 remake vs. remaster, is that the story and dialogues are also going to be redone from scratch. They likely will have full voice acting. This is going to be the biggest remake ever done by Square Enix.
  14. E3 is a waste of time. It is only for companies that have a lot of money to blow, you can advertise better just by streaming your game, and all that jazz.
  15. You can download the binaries with the source on GitHub. They come with the .EXEs. If you want the binaries in a download, please go to that website. I had them uploaded on Eclipse, but they got deleted.
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