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  1. Howdy people, myself and a few friends are wanting to make a classic dragon quest style orpg fora friend of ours for his birthday. We are running into problems finding a turn based system we can use. If there is anyone out there who can program a simple one in the style of the old DQ and DQ monsters games it would be a lot of help. Since we really cant do anymore without it we are willing to pay if thats what it will take. As long as its reasonable of course. That doesnt mean we dont hope to find someone willing to make it for us though ^^ anyway thanks yall.
  2. Can you make a dragon quest style turn based battle system by chance? Ive been looking around but havent found anyone willing to make one for a project im doing between a few friends. The idea is a Dragon Quest style game for nostalgic reasons. Ive been checking with some people about the spriting and about some other programming but still looking for the BS. Kinda trying to throw this little project together so we can present it to one of our friends whos a huge fan on his birthday.
  3. @'Mohenjo: > I PMed you since I'm not allowed to share VB6 dowloads here lol. Also, for those trying to find it, try searching for it here https://kat.cr/ Ive looked everywhere as well. I could use the help also. I tried torrents too.
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